Morning people

Tuesday, Sep. 23, 2019 - 5:00 am

Are you a morning person? I became a morning person later in life. But I’m also still a night person. I’m an “anytime” person I guess. I dig the morning but when the morning goes away I’m not too sad about it. When the morning goes away it’s time for the day. 

The day has its merits. 

The day is not my favorite because of people. Homo sapiens are generally as active as they get during the day. So that means you’re probably gonna have to deal with them if you’re also a person. There are very few people I like to deal with. This is a quandary when you’re a person, but...

I always make it through the day dealing with other humans until the night eventually comes. 

Nights are fun. Shit goes down at night. Nights are so fun I don’t usually want them to end. But they always do. You know what they turn into? The morning. 

If you haven’t been to sleep when the night turns into the morning you might be in for a rough day. On the other hand, you can just sleep during the day and avoid all the people. I do that occasionally. 

As I write this blog post it’s morning. VERY early in the morning. But even as early as it is I know more than one girl who’s already up and doing her thing. These are my favorite chicks. What’s her name that owns Bonnie Ruth’s is probably up. Oh man. Now that’s a boss babe right there. You would think if I like her so much I could remember her name but you give me too much credit. She’s hella sweet, though. She was one of those “love at first site” girls. Like Stacy. Amanda. Zina. Amy. Jill. Bo Derek. Lol. I “love” a lotta girls. 

But I digress. So while I’m digressing allow me to digress further into Emily. 

Emily is probably up. Ima go Snapchat her. She won’t respond right away and maybe not at all and that’s why I love her so much. Emily Elizabeth. Is that a great name or what? I love it became I can call her Em, Liz, Beth, Lizzy, Mil... they all fit her because she’s a gorgeous mix and not a mix at all.  

Have a great morning, day and night! Peace ✌️ 

Nick Druga II