Men of God (A Sunday story)

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Last Friday night dad (Aka Johnny Diamond) had a gig at a baptist church where I performed my usual roadie duties for the band. I’m not much for church but I really enjoyed Pastor Donny, who led the proceedings. 

Mom also came along and joked that even though I don’t attend church much I was getting a service in this week.

It was a joke but it turned out to be true at the very end as we were packing up and I had a cool conversation with Pastor Donny. 

I overheard him taking to some band members about one of the church-goers who was at the gig and just retired from being CEO of a mult-billion dollar international conglomerate. 

So when I saw him coming I jokingly said “You mean to tell me that these CEO’s of huge companies are men of God?”

He said “How do you think they got there?”

I said “Well, I just think they must struggle because of the hard decisions they constantly have to make. They must have to do a lot of praying.”

He said “It’s not about having to do something you don’t want to do, it’s about HOW you go about doing it. If you have to fire someone you can tell them to get their ass out, we don’t need you anymore or you can tell them that they’ve done a great job and we’ve just decided to go in a different direction.”

Cool insight from a cool pastor. And with that...

Here ends the lesson. Glory be to God. Amen.

Have a great week! ✌️ 

Nick Druga II