How To: Deck The Hall's With Bows Of Holly

Since we are nearing the Christmas season I think it's important to share something many people have always wanted to do but just don't know how to go about it.

So here is how to "Deck the Hall's with bows of Holly."

Step 1: Find your "Holly". 
Holly is the key ingredient in this venture because no family of Hall's can be decked without her. The art of the bow is crucial, obviously. 
Asian manservants make ideal "Holly's" as they are proficient in this art. 
Your Holly must have a bow that is respectful but also potentially dangerous. 
It is recommended that your Holly be trained as a ninja. 

Step 2: Find your "Hall's". 
This is the family you want your Holly to deck. 
Your "Hall's" don't *have* to have the last name "Hall" but some Holly's will only deck Hall's so you may have to stretch the truth with the Holly of your choosing. I once persuaded a Holly to deck Weinsteins with her bows but I'm not proud of it. For our purposes we'll assume you found Hall's.  
There can be any number of Hall's but you may use only one Holly to deck them all (see Holly ninja training in step 1.)

Step 3: Deck the Hall's. 
A properly decked family of Hall's will have a survivor count equal to zero. 
On occasion your chosen Holly may pay the ultimate price in her decking of the Hall's. Cherish the memory of her and her lethal bows.