Happy Wednesday from Susan and what’s left of #wtfwoody

January 24th, 2018

This post IS going to have to do with the mangled Woody doll in the pic above. 

Susan is a comedian friend of mine that had this wonderful idea one Christmas to poke fun at the whole Elf On The Shelf craze by posing the Woody doll from Toy Story in compromising positions every day and tagging it #wtfwoody. Here’s a montage of her work:

I don’t know how many years ago she did this but every time she posted another #wtfwoody I laughed my ass off and reposted from any/all social media outlets I have. I was hoping for a reprisal of #wtfwoody in years to come but it didn’t happen.

Today I leaned why. Dogs. Susan’s dogs did in Woody. It was a sad way for Woody to go but considering his lifestyle he already had 9 lives and maybe more. 

R.I.P. #wtfwoody. Your spirit will live on in infamy.