Happy Monday from Stalo’s cool do

February 19,2018

This post is not gonna have much to do with Stalo’s rockin hair except to say that I should maybe open up Facebook more often to see what my peoples are up to. Every time I do it’s always fun and I say to myself “I should keep up with people more” and then I go on about my life of not keeping up with anyone. Lol. 

I guess I’ve just always been more of a leader than a follower and it’s hard to do both. I COULD do both but there’s also the problem of laziness. 

If you’re not as lazy as me and want to write a book I have a suggestion for the title. Put the word “whore” in it. People will buy a book with whore in the title regardless of the content. But don’t call it “Confessions of a Whore” or some bullshit like that because even though I’m sure you ARE a whore, you can still be more creative than that. 

Good luck with your book! Hit me up if you want me to do the Audible version. I have a very soothing voice. 😊
Nick Druga II