Battling insomnia or maybe not.

Tuesday, June 26th, 2018

4:25 am

Good morning! I’m suffering from a bit of insomnia. So I figured I’d write through it. Plus I haven’t written a blog entry in a minute so I may as well get my 5 bucks worth this month. 

By my 5 bucks worth I mean this blog costs me $5/month to maintain. It’s a ridiculously small price to pay for what you get and if I were a consistent blogger it would be well worth it but I’m not. 

I could say that I deliver quality over quantity but that’s not really true either, is it? Ha ha. I’m being hard on myself but it’s okay. Nobody is all that hard on me other than me. 

So far this particular blog post has a quality quotient of zero. But it doesn’t matter because as I wrote earlier, I’m just doing this to work through this insomnia. 

Actually, I wouldn’t even call being awake right now when 95 percent of America is asleep insomnia, it’s just going to bed relatively early, then being rudely awoken. I got a good amount of sleep before that happened. 

So it’s not like I couldn’t go to sleep when I wanted to go to sleep, which I think 🤔 is the true definition of insomnia. I just can’t go *back^ to sleep. 

So then why can’t I go back to sleep? You wanna explore that? No? Neither do I. 

Let’s change the subject to food because I love food. My friend Jenna jokes that I will eat anything anyone puts in front of me and while that’s not entirely true, it’s becoming more and more so the older I get it seems. 

Last night I cooked for the first time in a while and I have Emily to thank for that. Emily is inspiring me to do many things I haven’t done in some time but really enjoy. It’s funny how some people have an innate way of reminding you of little things you love in life without even knowing they’re doing that. Emily probably has no idea how positively she’s affected my life in the short time I’ve known her but she has. I was a happy pretty content dude *before* she came along but now it’s even moreso. 

I could go on for days about Emily but she’s already embarrassed by that last paragraph so I’ll move on. (By the way, I have no idea how Emily really feels about that last paragraph and that’s part of why she intrigues me so.)

Anyway I got off on girl tangents when I was gonna talk about food. I guess it’s pretty easy to see what’s on my mind most of the time. Women and food. 

You’re like “would you just tell us what you cooked already?!?” Okay okay! I cooked “Zesty Taco Tilapia.” Which would be WAY impressive if I started with just plain tilapia and “zesty taco’d” it up myself but I didn’t. I bought the tilapia already seasoned. Haha. Yes, I cheated but I STILL had to put it in the oven on broil for 4-6 minutes. And truth be told it came out “blackened”, let’s say, but it was STILL damn delicious! And for $4 and some change a GREAT deal too!

Now that I’ve dipped my feet in the cooking pool again I’m actually excited about cooking something else tonight. I may even make a salad to go with it this time! 

Ah oh. Now I’m getting hungry again which does not surprise Jenna in the least. 

Have a great week and don’t starve!


Nick Druga II