February 4th, 2020

Who’s excited about my Book About Nothing 3? 

Well stop being excited because there’s zero chance I’m writing that.

The reason is because of the success of the first two books about nothing. 

In this case the third time is definitely NOT the charm. 

What I may decide to work on is a book about something, though. I feel like a book about something may be better received than books about nothing. 

But what something? 

A book about how to lose money in Vegas? I’m not sure anyone would be interested in reading that. 

A book about how to babysit drunks? Again, I’m not sure that’s a bestseller but at least there might be a few people interested. 

A book about how to skate along in life without having to ever really be responsible for anything or anyone? Now THAT’S a bestseller. 

Which leads me to a quandary. How do I even START a book that teaches you how to never be responsible if it requires me to be responsible enough to finish a book. It’s a catch-22. 

What I need is a collaborator. Along with this other person we will write a book that may be entirely different than the books I’m thinking about but will at least be about something. Maybe even something people want to read. 

Now that would be pretty cool. 
Nick Druga II