1 for the price of 2!

March 9, 2018

See that midday Dart Go Pass up there? It’s for the SAME day! 

But Nick. What would you buy TWO passes for the same day?!? 

Good question, Frederick. 

Remember when my iPhone was freaking out on me. Like last week? I couldn’t rely on it to be able to bring up my pass when I needed to show it to someone checking tickets so I bought the pass on my Samsung phone. 

Then when I was getting on the bus my Samsung phone died and wouldn’t come back. So I was forced to buy another ticket on my unreliable iPhone and just pray that A, it would let me buy the ticket and B, it would show the ticket. I got lucky and it worked. 

1 ticket for the price of 2! Lol. 

The lesson is to always carry a couple bucks so in a digital emergency you can revert back to the 20th century. 😃👍✌️🤷‍♂️
Nick Druga II