A letter to my niece in the hospital.

Dear Jayden-Faith,

It's been 113 hours now since I received the worst call of my life from Nana telling me that you were in a terrible car accident and suffered a fractured skull.

I hope that you never have to hear a distraught, worried sick, crying Nana trying her best to relate sad news to you because it's not fun. You are both angels and angels are supposed to always bring constant joy to all those that surround them.

Even in the states you are in now you two are still bringing joy to the world because you are both precious and strong and determined to make it through this. When I talk to Nana now I can still hear the sadness in her voice but at the same time I can also hear strength. It's as if she has spoken to God and he has assured her that you are going to be fine and when she speaks to people to relay this to them in some way. She may not even be aware she is having such a calming effect on all those so concerned about your well being but she is.

After dinner with Marie two nights ago we stopped by a convenience store and bought a $5 lottery scratch off. When we got home we tried to have just a normal night like we usually do but "normal" these days is pretty much thinking about and praying for you to get better. At least it is for me. We even forgot we even bought the lottery ticket.

Yesterday we remembered we had it and Marie wanted to use a special coin with your birthday year on it to scratch it off. She found one, we scratched it off together, and needless to say it was a winner. It wasn't a big winner but if I've learned anything in the recent past it's that small wins are still wins and they add up in time.

The moral to the story is that everything is on your side. The best doctors in the world. The prayers of thousands. A solid endlessly hopeful family unit. Your own fortitude and will. And even some luck.

A beautiful, sweet, gifted, silly, fun, lucky angel. That's the Jayden-Faith Fraser I know and will be joking around with again very soon. I love you.

Uncle Nick