Remember that pretty blonde I met last Friday night? The one to which I delivered the cheesy pick-up line?

Well, I put my stalker hat on the next day and Googled and found out who she was. I thought "hey maybe there was a connection there, maybe she likes me, she DID ask me to hang with her when I could have bolted with the fam" so I followed her on a couple of her social media pages which isn't creepy at all.

Short story shorter, today I woke up to find she blocked me on Twitter. lol. So there's your answer to that.

My "men's intuition" was completely off on that one. Again.

But always one to take a positive away from a negative, I learned that I still enjoy going out and having a good time with fun chicks and I should probably put myself out there more often. Who knows, maybe the next girl will stalk ME on Twitter. (I won't block her, I'll just politely let her know that I'd rather she follow right behind me IN REAL LIFE at all times. ha.)

Have a GREAT Monday!