Speed Sunday from Martin Truex Jr.

February 18th, 2018

This post is not gonna have much to do with one of the two Toyota NASCAR drivers I support. The other one is Kyle Busch. Neither did so well today but as long as the two Ford drivers and two Chevy drivers my other two friends root for also lost it doesn’t matter. Nobody has Austin Dillon so after one race we’re all tied at zero. 

Did you see my Instagram post of the blue jay today? You wouldn’t think north Texas would be the best place to find cool birds but I’ve seen excellent cardinal and blue jay specimens over the years. I’m NickSilly1 on IG if you wanna follow me there, btw. 

Since I’ve started blogging every day I don’t post nearly as often as I used to on Instagram. It used to be almost all most posts started out as an IG post and then got sent to FB, Twitter, etc. automagically. 

But now my posts start out as a blog and get sent to FB and Twitter automatically but not Instagram because IG doesn’t let you do that. So basically my IG followers are in the dark. This irks me a little because I like my IG followers and maybe they might like to read some of the nonsense I post. But then again, they’re also being saved from wasting their time on my inane ramblings. 

I’m going to lose a lot more sleep about this until I figure out a solution that keeps everyone in the loop but not tonight because I took some NyQuil and that shit knocks me out every time. 😴 😴😴

Sweet dreams, see ya tamale. 💤 
Nick Druga II