Probation story, Episode 1: What had happened was...

Thursday, March 28, 2018

Read the Probation Story Prelude to get caught up....

... are you caught up?... okay, so here's what had happened...

My friend Katie invited me to a happy hour at a place called Rock & Brews on a Friday in late February, 2017. I was staying at my sister’s house in Plano at the time which is close to that restaurant so I thought it would be good times to meet Katie and her group over there. 

Earlier that week I scored some blow downtown. I did most of it when I got it but still had about half a small bag left. I started to leave it at my apartment downtown but I didn’t. I buried it in my wallet and forgot about it. 

As you can see from the top tab above I had a few drinks at happy hour. But then as quick as it began it was over. As the group started to disperse, I had a good buzz going and wasn't ready to go home just yet. Katie offered to take me back to her place at that time, which hindsight being 20/20 would have been a GREAT idea. But I liked the vibe at Rock & Brews and decided I'd rather stay there a while longer.

I went outside to get some air and noticed a Mi Cocina across the street. I thought to myself "Oh, man, a Mambo Taxi sounds perfect right about now!"  So I went across the street and had a few more drinks. It was the few more at Mi Cocina that did me in. If you’ve ever had a Mambo Taxi from Mi Cocina you know they’re VERY strong. They call it a Mambo Taxi because you have to call a taxi after you have one. I had 2 Mambo Taxis, four beers AND a shot. And that was AFTER drinking at Rock & Brews. Needless to say, I was hammered. 

But I didn’t stop there. I stumbled back over to Rock & Brews where I started and watched a band play for a while. And that's when I remembered I had coke in my wallet. So I went to the bathroom and did a little bump thinking it would help me off my drunk a little. It didn’t. I was too far gone on tequila.

Finally it was nearing closing time so I went outside to get an Uber home but I was so drunk I apparently climbed in the passengers side of some random guy’s truck. I have zero memory of this. The guy called 911 not because I got in his truck, but because he was afraid for my safety. Hell, I can’t blame him. 

The cops came and long story short, I got to spend a night at the greybar hotel on an initial public intoxication charge. By the by, the Colony has a nice jail if you have to go. 

When we got to jail they told me I need to tell them if I have anything on me because if I take it into the jail the penalty is worse. So I fessed up and told the officer I had drugs in my wallet. 

And bing, bang, bong, I’m a felon. 

Tune in again next time when Nick calls his dad to bail him out. 

Nick Druga II
2 responses
Since the story starts with my name, where is the part where I told you to come back home with me (in my car) to hang out with me, David in the boys? Lol! Wish you had agreed! Remembering back though, when i left you, I knew you were Ubering since you didn’t have a car and you weren’t very tipsy. Little did I know what chaos was going to happen. Bummer. But maybe sharing your story will help somebody prevent something like this happening to them in the future.
I updated the story to take you off the hook, Katie, but NOW it's left up to the reader to determine what your intentions were in asking me to come home with you. LOLZ! And ps, the WHOLE point of these posts are to inform others of what they're in for if it ever happens to them. I was disenchanted with the fact that I could find VERY little on the subject when I was all worried about what was going to happen. So there's that. :-)