My ideal woman according to the dream I had last night is...

... a beautiful brunette cheerleader originally from southern England cheering for an Indian soccer team on a cruise ship (apparently large enough to host international soccer matches) whose real job when she's on land is working as a chef at a cozy but upscale restaurant tucked in a far back corner of a large Atlantic City casino. Hailing from England originally, she has lived in New York most of her life, therefore speaks in a mostly New York accent with English undertones.

She's on the outs with her girlfriend and described the relationship as being "dodgy" for some time.  In fact, she actually sent her $2000 to help pay for her to move out of the apartment they share back in NYC. She claims this breakup had nothing to do with meeting me but admits that her attraction to me is probably the straw that broke the camel's back.

I'm not really concerned with how this all plays out in the end mainly because the whole story is a product of my over-active imagination.

What a great dream, though! :-D

Basic "dream analysis" of this would lead one to believe that I have a thing for brunette bisexual European women who can dance and cook and while that's pretty much spot on, I would also consider other hair colors as well. :-P