Miracle Monday's With Michelle

Yesterday morning I was excited to watch the 2nd episode of "Monday's With Michelle", my sister's Facebook live show that used to be "Mornings With Michelle" until last Thanksgiving Day when mornings changed. 

But then the morning passed yesterday and no show. "No big deal", I thought. She'll just get to it a little later.

But then the afternoon passed and still no show.  

At that point I have to admit I was a little disappointed. Last Monday she indicated on her first show back that she would try to do at least one show per week. But of course with everything she is going through with her daughter JayFay it's completely understandable that doing a live Facebook show is the least of her priorities. 

I saw her briefly twice yesterday and thought about telling her that I missed her show today but of course I'm not going to ever say anything about it. Instead I just let her know that yet another beautifully kind sole left a gift bag outside the door of her house that appeared to contain some thoughtful items in support of the continued healing of my niece. #prayforjayfay (As Forrest Gump would say "It's a household prayer.") We were at my parent's house at the time and she said "oh thanks, I'll stop by and pick it up on the way back downtown."

Then something wonderful happened. 

An hour or so later I brought up Facebook and there was my lovely sister doing a "Monday's With Michelle"! (the evening version). Hooray!! And from her OWN house just like the old days! It was SO beautiful to watch and her message was just as inspirational as always and it just made me SO happy! She even showed an item from out of the gift bag I told her about. How cool! 

So shout out to sis for not leaving your bro hangin and coming through with a Monday's With Michelle show after all. It was a GREAT one! Full of JOY! :-) Have a joy-filled rest of the week. I love you!!! 

And to everyone who spent time reading this joy to you and I ❤️ YOU too! 

Peace ✌️ 

ps. the pic at the top of this post are her "show notes." Cool, huh?