Letter number 2 to my niece in the hospital

Dear Jayden-Faith,

It's been 405 hours since mom called and told me the news about how y'all had a wreck on Thanksgiving Day and YOU (of all people) got the worst of it. Man, that sucks so bad...

Oh, wait, I left my #prayforjayfay wristband upstairs. I'll go put it on. I can't very well write a letter to you in the hospital without wearing my cool unicorn wristband, right? Duh.

Okay, I've got it on now. Phew! Canela followed me upstairs when I went up to get it (of course). She's so sweet! I heart taking care of your sweet puppies! (Even though neither one are really puppies anymore but they're still sweet). Here's a pic of Canela I took the other night with what I believe to be her favorite toy..

One thing I don't hate about this whole ordeal is babysitting your sweet family dogs. It took Rusty a minute to warm up to me but he's coming around I think. It's SO funny, he just WILL NOT go outside with me and Canela. But even though he won't go outside he still wants a treat when we get back in. LOL! "Oh, alright, here's your treat but you didn't do ANYTHING to deserve it." :-D

Even with the dogs keeping me company, this house needs its family back to make it a home. We'll all be happy when it's back to its normal hustle and bustle.

Hey, guess what? You got your braces off yesterday! Nice. When I was much younger I remember I had a girlfriend who was SO excited to show me when she got her braces off. I was TOO because it was easier to kiss her. haha. You probably think kissing boys is gross NOW but you won't one day. Your dad will NEVER want you to kiss a boy but if you ever feel like you want to it's okay to give it a try. Just don't let ALL of them kiss you. You're awesome enough to be WAY selective.

I've visited you twice now while you've been in the ICU. ICU stands for Intensive Care Unit. The funny thing about that is that you have ALWAYS received intensive care from your mom and dad and family. NOW you're just getting it from people outside of the family, too. That's pretty cool, dude. 

At the moment they're in a process of bringing you out of a medically induced coma. When you come to and know what's going on my friend Katie wants to know if you can remember anything while you were in the coma. This is really interesting to people. Not a lot of people know people who have been in a coma so they're curious about what it's like. I saw a YouTube vid of a girl that described what it's like to be in a coma. You should make a vid like that too later. Here's her vid:

I'm probably going to go visit you for the third time today. The first time I went was pretty soon after the wreck and people were warning me that it wasn't a pretty sight. But when I went into your room you just looked like the most beautiful sleeping angel to me. I honestly didn't think you looked that bad. Then the 2nd time you looked even better! We pretended like we were sending snaps back and forth and took a selfie. lol. I expect this time you'll look even better still. You're one amazing girl. I think the reason you're healing up so fast is because you want to be back doing stuff and having fun and not cooped up in a dumb hospital. We do too, yo! Who ELSE sends me silly and way cool snaps?

Check out this cool collage your mom posted of you smiling. 

Smiling is the BEST! I smile all the time and my FB profile even says I smile a lot and laugh more. Of course you know that because we only have like a thousand selfies together of us happy and smiling and being goofy. Speaking of which, I've taken a few selfies of us even while you've been "sleeping". We can laugh about them later.

Hey, here's a secret I wanna share with you. People are praying for you who don't normally pray for nothin. Isn't that cool? I know this for a fact because I'm one of those people. Shhhh! Don't tell your mom that, she's a ginormous prayer. Sometimes I just let the wristband pray for me. It's praying 24/7! :-D I even started the #pray4jayfay hashtag but it got overtaken by #prayforjayfay. People don't realize the significance of the number 4 in your life but that's okay. 

Check it out, though:

You were born in 2004. You family has 4 members. You have 4 pets. One of your favorite games to play is Connect 4. AND if someone asks you if you want a mint, you say you want 4! lol. I think we found your new favorite number. :-) Can you think of any MORE stuff in your life where 4 comes in? I bet you can. (he said, channeling Mr. Rogers.)

In the grand scheme of things, hashtags are way not important, though. Unicorns are! And man, are you gonna be happy when you're fully conscious again and see just HOW many unicorns are waiting for you. Unicorns EVERYWHERE, man! It's unicorn city! You can totally make another unicorn movie later that will be even MORE awesome than the first one because NOW you have a ton MORE unicorns to use. I can't wait to watch it!

Okay, I guess that's about all I have for now. Heal up, feel better, and we'll be goofin around again soon!

Uncle Nick