Jayden-Faith is 12 1/2 today! Happy half-birthday, JayFay!

Last year I talked to JayFay about having a half-birthday party for her when she turned 11 1/2. She was excited about it as she is about all things. If you know Jayden-Faith you know it's her birthday EVERY DAY as far as she's concerned.

But when the time rolled around to actually go through with the fun half-birthday party, we both got busy and it just didn't materialize. I could have done more to make it happen but I didn't. :-( Bad uncle!

True to Jayden-Faith form, though, she didn't complain or even mention anything about us not celebrating her half-birthday. Luckily for me, she's a VERY busy girl. Well, okay, she DID mention it once after the fact but it was just in a joking matter and not to make me feel bad.

So here we are, a year later and I invite the whole world to celebrate her 12 1/2 birthday with us. I know she's throwing a big party for herself in her mind. It's a wonderful party outside in the sun with all her family and friends dancing and Katy Perry singing surrounded by a hundred flying unicorns. 

Imagine with me all those unicorns flying in formation to spell out #Pray4JayFay