It’s still Wednesday in Cali

February 7, 2018

This post is not gonna have much to do with “Steve” drawn and painted by Cael and David DeBorde above. But it’s a fantastic piece of art if you ask me. 

I’m staying in Lewisville tonight with the wonderful and gracious DeBorde family because I have business to attend to in Denton tomorrow and it’s easier to get there from here than from downtown Dallas. 

When I got here late in the afternoon I was pretty hungry but instead of picking up something to eat I took a chance that there might be leftovers from the Super Bowl party I could chow down on and I hit the jackpot! DELICIOUS pullled pork. 😋 Man, did that hit the spot! I made a sandwich when I got here and then another one later, both generously topped with Sweet Baby Ray’s sauce. Heaven! Special thanks to David who smokes meat with the best of them. 

I hope you had a wonderful Wednesday and continue your smooth sailing on into Thursday, captain. Ahoy!