Happy Thursday from my hot butt!

February 8, 2018

This post is not gonna have a helluva a lot to do with my toasty rear end except to say that this is the FIRST time I can remember using a seat warmer in a car and of course it’s awesome! My ass is on fire!🔥 

You’re like “But how? Why? Why are your hind quarters hotter than July?!?”

Well, it’s because I got lucky at Avis yesterday. They always upgrade me because I’m a regular customer but not usually into a “Premium” class vehicle. But that was all they had yesterday so I got to drive a Lincoln MKX. It’s an extremely nice ride. I can see why Matthew McConaughey is so full of Matthew McConaughey when he drives Lincoln’s. (Btw, if you haven’t seen SNL’s Lincoln commercial spoofs you should google em 😂 😆)

One day I’ll buy you a Lincoln because you read my silly blog and because you love Matthew McConaughey so much. But not the MKX because that’s for soccer moms and you’re WAY cooler than any soccer mom. I’ll get you the MKZ Hybrid because it’s totally cool like you and it’s environmentally conscience like me. It’s a win/win!

Now go back to watching your Matthew McConaughey movie and I’ll work on procuring your sweet new ride. 🙌✌️