Happy Saturday from Emilia and her popsicle that matches her shirt

January 27th, 2018

This post won’t have much to do with my cute little 2-year old niece but she’s SO damn cute! I LOVE that look she’s giving me in the pic on the right. 

So I guess this makes 8 days in a row I’ve blogged. That’s not bad. Do you want me to keep going? It doesn’t matter much if you want me to or not but I thought I’d ask you anyway because your opinion matters. 

There’s a new Facebook algorithm that prioritizes posts that get more comments. So I guess I’ll start commenting on my own posts more. Haha. Every now and again I used to carry on full conversations with myself in the comments section. Made me chuckle. 

Hey, have a great Saturday, will ya? Maybe even have a steak 🥩! You deserve it!