Happy Friday from the Coopster

February 9, 2018

This post is not gonna have much to do with the Coopster but what a great dog! His actual name is Cooper btw but it’s impossible for me to call any dog by its actual name. Idk why that is but it has something to do with that character on SNL that used to say “makin copieeees... Steeeeve... the Stevesterrrr...”

Speaking of SNL, that’s ANOTHER thing I love about you. Your love of comedy. What kinda life are these people having that are all serious all the time. Not much of one, I’ll tell you that. 

Did you know that psychiatrists prescribe “comedy” to help some of their patients. That’s a GREAT prescription and it’s free! That’s also why I’m NOT a psychiatrist because that’s ALL I’d ever prescribe. Drug companies would hate me. Lol. 

The only side effect I can think of to laughing is if you’re doing it too hard while you’re eating you might choke so just make sure you have a friend on hand to give you a heimlich if you bust a gut at dinner. 

Did you know the Heimlich maneuver is NOT named after somebody named Heimlich? That’s a lie. But Henry Heimlich didn’t intend for the maneuver to be named after him. It was just easier to say than “hurry, apply subdiaphragmatic pressure!” “Do what?!?” “Never mind, he’s dead.”


See ya tomorrow!