Happy Friday from me and Dallas sports

January 26th, 2018

This post is not gonna have much to do with the dual support of our local Dallas sports going on close to American Airlines Center where they both play. 

So did you have a blast in the first month of 2018? I had a pretty good time myself. Not a “blast” like YOU, but I can’t complain either. Not that I would complain anyway even if January went terrible bc I’m not of that ilk. 

I read where Chuck Lorre is a complainer and makes no excuses for it. If you don’t know who Chuck Lorre is, he produces Big Bang Theory among other comedies and blogs on TV at the end of every show. Imagine millions of people reading your random thoughts on life every week. Kudos to him for having the balls to do that. 

You wouldn’t think that he would have all that much to complain about through, huh? On the other hand, there are a LOT of people in nice positions in life who complain about random shit. Hell, it’s probably part of how they got there. So I don’t let it bother me too much. A little, but I’m not gonna lose sleep over it. 

Okay, well THIS blog post, which will be read by significantly less humans than Mr. Lorre’s, is now over. Have a great weekend! And complain about everything if you want to, I don’t really care. Lol. 

Peace ✌️