A Christmas letter to my niece in the hospital

​Dear Jayden-Faith,

What's up, yo? Merry Christmas​ and Mili's birthday! ​Here's a cute pic of you holding her. JayFay and EmRae. She's your fave!

It's been ​743​  hours ​(31 days!) ​since you were in an horrific car accident on Thanksgiving Day and cracked your skull and almost died. 

I choose those specific words on purpose because recently your recovery has not been progressing as fast as many would like and it's SO hard to have patience. We just want our JayFay back!

But what we all have to remember is that you ARE recovering. You're not dead. Your sweet mama reminded me of that fact yesterday in another tear-jerking Facebook Live video update on your condition.

You'll never believe what a pillar of strength and inspiration she's been through all this. Nobody believes it. But you know what I think? I think a lot of her strength comes from you. You have an amazing inner strength that you project to everyone the more they're around you. So it makes sense that the person who would be the strongest is the one who's around you the most, your best friend and mom, Michelle.

She loves you SO much she's been right by your side EVERY day and night since the accident, only leaving the hospital ONE TIME to get some girly stuff done (like hair, etc.) and have dinner with Jace. Pretty amazing, huh?

Anyway, it's Christmas Day and I just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you all the time and I talked to Santa and he said he got you all kinds a cool stuff. Nice! Here's a pic of you a couple years ago talking to Santa. Awww.. 

That was back when you used to still let me call you sissy. lol. Remember when I called you "sissy" the other day and then corrected myself and said you probably don't want to be called that baby nickname the family have had for you anymore? You said "it's okay, you can call me sissy." :-) I thought that was so sweet. 

Get better and have a wonderful Christmas day, sweet angel. I love you!

- Uncle Nick

ps. I may or may not have tried to get the #prayforjayfay message to the REAL Katy Perry via Twitter. I said that's one of the things that I pray for when I pray for you is that you might get to meet her one day. I saw where she visited Children's Medical Center in L.A. over the Christmas holiday so why not Dallas too, right? Nice!