Why the #Astros CF lost the mental game vs the #Rangers tonight.

Setup: Top of the 9th. 2 outs. Rangers down by one run. Fast runner on 2nd. One more out wins the game for the Astros. 

As a championship amateur baseball center fielder I have some perspective on how to play this. 

What you have to be thinking in this situation is that even if you have a big arm you're probably not going to throw the runner out at the plate on a single up the middle even cheating in some (aka play a little shallower than normal.)

Therefore, your best bet is to play deep because if the batter muscles up and hits one over your head you're *really* screwed. Not only is the tie run going to score (which you were hoping to cut off by playing shallow), but the batter is going to have at LEAST a double and possibly a triple if they're a fast runner. 

This is exactly what happened to the Astros center fielder tonight and led to a Rangers win. Nice. 

But don't fret, Astros center fielder. In my youth I would have optimistically played it the same way. And this is why baseball, more than any other sport, requires extra smarts and makes it > all other sports. 

The whole Katherine Goldschmidt #winewednesday story

If you follow any of my many social media feeds, you may glean only that I like this new (to me) Katherine Goldschmidt Cab. But there's more to the story that didn't fit into 140 characters.

The wine dude at Kroger (yes, they actually have sommeliers at Kroger but you have to go in the middle of a weekday) recommended this wine and said it "blows away Kendall Jackson. Now that's going a little far but I would say it's on par with KJ if not a little better. 

So I took a look at the bottle and saw that it's 14.5% alcohol content. If you don't know, that's at the top end. I said "14.5?!? Are you trying to get me drunk?!?" We had a good laugh and as I write this I'm not completely sober but if you think that deters from the writing process you've never read Moby Dick.

But I digress. 

The point is that Katherine Goldschmidt is an excellent Cabernet and it's no surprise it comes from winemaker Nick Goldschmidt since everyone knows that Nick is the best first name a male person (and even some female persons) can have. 

And that. As Paul Harvey would say. Is the rest of the story. 

(Editors Note: This post was a grammatical train wreck upon first draft. I fixed it for Nick but since I also AM Nick, there's no guarantee my edits improved its clarity. This is what happens when you allow just anyone (in any state) to have a blog.) :-D

Happy Birthday to my BESTEST FRIEND IN THE WHOLE WORLD, Marie Allen!!!!

Today is Marie's birthday. Here's the "Cliff's Notes" version of the story of the night Nick met Marie. If you don't know what "Cliff's Notes" are, they're these shortened versions of long books we used to read in the 80's to get through assignments at school. I was too lazy to even use *those*, but from what I understand they were pretty invaluable. But anyway, onto our story..

One night a long time ago when I lived at "the orphanage" (as my house in Plano was called because of all the people that came in and out) I had a party (as was the case 24/7).

I made a rule that if you were a male and coming to the orphanage you were not allowed unless you brought at least one female. I was never a fan of the sausage-fest.

One night my friend Gerald called and wanted to come party at the house. I said no problem but you have to remember the rule about having at least one female in tow.

He followed the rule and actually brought TWO females. One of the females he brought was Marie.

Marie made quite an entrance. When she got there she was injured. She had been swimming at some pool previous to arriving and hurt her hand in some way. She was actually bleeding.

I wasn't prepared or in any kind of state to render first aid to someone just arriving at my house to party but my brother was Johnny on the spot with the first aid.

He fixed her up and she proceeded to drink and have a great time. We ended up hitting it off and all I remember is sitting in the bed talking ALL NIGHT. She had a LOT of stories and STILL does to this day.

But that's what I love about her. The stories. And her awesome laugh. She laughs a lot and that's pretty outstanding for a girl who has been through all that she has been through in her life. She's immediately lovable and I'm blessed to have her call me her "best friend". 

She calls me "HB" for Honey Bear and I call her "MB" for Mary Belle. 

Happy Birthday, MB! I love you!

The night I met Susan. A silly story.

Amanda came to get me at my shitty downtown apartment and take me out. She was my sugar mama at the time. She called and said "c'mon, we're going out and I have a surprise for you!" 

Going for drinks with Amanda was a pretty regular deal but the surprise intrigued me. Was she finally gonna give it up? This I doubted. But you know, I'm a red-blooded male so that's where my mind goes pretty much all the time. 

So she takes me to some hole-in-the-wall bar I'd never been to and we order drinks. She's on the phone texting and not paying all that much attention to me which was nothing new. I just sat back and drank my beer and wondered what she was all giddy about. 

Then she excitedly got up and told me to do the same and then like out of nowhere there she was. Magnificent beauty and personality. Susan. I stood in awe. This was THE BEST surprise EVER! 

Amanda starting yapping at her at a speed at which no other human can approach to which she said "stop stop, lemme catch up!" We ordered more drinks which I'm sure included some shots and the night (shall we say) was afoot. 

What followed were drunken shenanigans that took us from bar to bar, one of which we almost got thrown out of because Susan and I played a game called "pretend you got roofied" which ended with Suze writhing around on the floor and me drooling in a chair. At the same time we were doing this Amanda was creeping out a server I knew that worked there by making not-so-subtle advances towards her. The whole scene was surreal. 

After we left that place BEFORE they threw us out we stopped by my shitty apartment so one or both girls could pee. On the way to the bathroom someone leaned on my VERY unstable workstation and the whole thing collapsed. It made a giant thud against the wall and startled my next door neighbor so much she almost called the police. 

So to quickly recap. At this point we've almost been tossed from a bar and almost had the police called on us. What a night!

Luckily the night ended on a calmer note at Susan's home where I ran into ANOTHER crazy awesome woman, Julie! 

We get there and I hadn't been there 2 minutes when Julie comes up to me and goes "OH MY GOD, NICK!!!" I was like "Do I know you?" She goes "YES!! I'M JULIE! YOU KNOW ME!!" I was like "I really don't think I do." But she was insistent. "YES YOU DO!! YOU KNOW ME!!" I was like "okay! It's SO wonderful to see you again for the first time!"

After that I'm pretty sure I drunkenly wandered around talking to this person and that person and probably some fish in Susan's back yard and then I came back inside and PTFO. 

Susan was a gracious hostess and came to check on me and kinda tuck me in and give me water. I'm pretty sure I demanded that Amanda come sleep with me to which Suze just rolled her eyes and said "Goodnight!"

The next thing I remember it was morning and I was in a strange bed in a strange house and not really sure where I was. But what I DID know was that I just had one of the best nights of my life and it was all because of one special woman. My sister from another mother. Susan. 

The end. 

Why every business needs a smart phone app. One word: Notifications.

Everybody has a smart phone now and if you're lucky enough to get them to download your app they'll probably allow it to send them notifications. This is a gigantic opportunity for your business. 

The best example of smart notifications I get right now is when I'm in the vicinity of a car rental place and Avis notifies me of that fact. 

Now that I brainstorm it I wonder if the Google maps app has ever thought about selling "notification space". If I were a business with a physical location where I wanted people to visit I'd definitely buy this if Google was selling it. 

Okay, well I guess I gotta go to work for Google for a minute to launch our new Notifications program. If you have a business and you're interested contact me for a quote. 

Swiss vs "baby" Swiss

So here's the deal with Swiss cheese. Regular Swiss is ALWAYS better than "baby" Swiss. Why? Because even though regular Swiss is "holier" (i.e. bigger holes) it has a better taste and the extra holes aren't going to cost more because a hole weighs zero. Plus when you put a piece of holier Swiss on a sandwich or whatever, you're consuming LESS cheese, which in the grand scheme of things is not a bad thing. 

On a completely unrelated note, I could really use more sex. Sorry, I'm just putting that out in the world because if I don't I may not ever have sex again. And that doesn't sound like any fun at all. 😬

When I played shortstop..

When I played shortstop the opposing team tried to take me out at 2nd a hundred times. EVERY SINGLE TIME I did two things. I turned the double play. And I ran off the field. Rougned Odor did neither. But somehow he's a hero. Gimme a fucking break. If you wanna see someone land a REAL punch go watch early Mike Tyson fights. I'd like to see how Rougned would fare against him. 

"And there's the opening bell. Rougned Odor is a heavy under.. DOWN GOES ODOR!!" 

Cool green shirt talks about why he's hanging outside the closet.

Hey, how's it going? Me? I'm good. Just hangin here. You might be wondering why I'm hanging outside the closet and not in it. Well, it's not because I've finally "come outta the closet" or anything like that. Lol. I mean I got nothing against other shirts that are swing that way, it's just not my thing, man. 

No, I'm out here because this isn't a "shirt" closet behind me. Hell, I don't even know exactly what's in there (it's not like I can open it) but I know it's not shirts. There's another closet where my owner Nick hangs his shirts. That's actually where I am most of the time. 

What it boils down to is laziness on Nick's part. He came home the other night slightly buzzed and saw the hanger on the door and didn't feel like putting me officially away yet. 

It's cool, though. I do alright by myself and I've been catching up with the dirty clothes hamper crowd. They're like "when's he gonna wash us?" And I'm like "your guess is as good as mine, y'all."

Anyway, that's why I'm hanging here. Cool green shirt out. Peace. 

On riding an empty bus

Bus is just the way I like it on the way back to home base from downtown. This post is mostly just to see how it comes out in the blog with a pic attached. Have a GREAT week!