JIT Sunday from overly concernicus Nick

February 4th, 2018

This post is not gonna have much to do with the concerned face I’m making when in fact I’m not concerned about anything other than if you know what JIT means. 

It means “Just In Time” because I’ve only 9 more minutes in which to finish this post and post it, otherwise it would be a Monday post. And that would be cheating. 

Luckily I rarely go on about much in these posts so my chances of finishing in the next 7 minutes now is pretty good. I got this. 

Why I’m coming down to the wire today can be explained by nothing but laziness. I could blame the Super Bowl I guess but I won’t. 

Anyway, I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I only have 5 minutes now or we’d talk more about it. 

This week is gonna be a GREAT one! Enjoy it and we’ll talk again tomorrow. I have some exciting stuff to tell you about. Or not. 

But I’ll promise you this. Tomorrow’s pic won’t be nearly as scary as today’s. 😱

Happy Saturday from my mini Coke!

February 3, 2018

This post is not gonna have much to do with my favorite drink. 

It’s a pretty chill evening in the hood tonight. I’m lounging on the couch with Uncle Ted on my lap and Marie is in there making soft tacos 🌮 🌮 for dinner. YUM! I never thought I’d like tacos made with turkey 🦃 meat but she rarely uses any other kind so I’ve gotten used to them. She seasons em up really well. Plus I suppose it’s healthier butt I don’t really care too much about that. Lol. 

The TV is on the Be-Tween music channel. Not my fave but Marie likes it and she’s the one making dinner so it’s only fair she gets to listen to whatever she wants. 

Hey, guess what? Dinner is ready! Nice. Unfortunately Marie wants to watch Grey’s Anatomy while we eat, but again I’ll defer the remote to her since she made tacos. And who cares about what’s on the boob tube during gestation anyway, right?

Of course NOW I’m really into this episode of Grey’s, which contradicts my last statement, but if I can’t be a contrarian once in a while, what CAN I be? 

Ha. There’s a “can” emoji 🥫 (but this post still didn’t have much to do with the 🥫 of Coke I posted.) Ima go get another one to enjoy with my tacos. 

Peace! ✌️ 

Pretty Poop Friday from your BFF, Nick!

February 2, 2018

This post is not gonna have much to do with my Bitmoji offering you a “pretty” pile of poop in a sweater  I’d never buy. 

But I will say that although this Bitmoji makes me chuckle, I don’t know when or why I’d have an occasion to send it to someone in particular. So I sent it to everyone! 🤣

In a follow-up to yesterday’s post the NFL posted that whole Jeopardy clip of the contestants who got zero football category questions right. I’d include a link but that takes work so just go Google it to watch. It’s worth it because it’s pretty hilarious. Have I ever steered you wrong? If I haven’t, I meant to. Lol.

I’m hungry, borderline hangry, so I’m gonna go dig up something to eat. Have a GREAT Friday and go get into some trouble. 💣

Hippy Thursday from Jeopardy contestants that know nothing about football

February 1, 2018

This post will have everything to do with the 3 contestants on Jeopardy who got zero out of 5 questions in the “Talkin Football” catagory correct. ZERO 😂😂😂 

Alex was perplexed as was I. 

I included a vid of one of the easier questions to which the answer was the Dallas Cowboys. They had no clue. Lol. And two outta three were even dudes! 

I don’t know how my blog handles video so you might get to see it or might not but it made me laugh. 

Stay cool 😎 see ya tamale. 

Slappy Wednesday from the iPhone ad on the side of a building

January 31st, 2018

This post is not gonna have much to do with the gigantic iPhone ad on the side of a building downtown and even less to do with the Dallas cop 🚓. 

Well you made it through the first month of 2018. High five! ✋ 1 down, 11 to go. If January wasn’t the best month you’ve ever had, I’m sure February will be better if for no other reason than you’ll have 3 less days to fuck shit up. 😆

I wonder if February will be colder than January. In Texas it’s hard to predict the weather. I’m sure it won’t be, though. We’ve had a pretty mild winter. Which is fine. I don’t live in Texas because I like the cold. 

And speaking of hot babes in bikinis, I want more of that in my life this summer. I think I’ve got a good chance because I’m friends with this chick that lives in a sweet uptown apartment complex that has an equally sweet pool. I foresee myself chillin at the pool a lot. 

If you’re a hot babe and plan on chillin at a pool this summer, lemme know so I can come check you out. Thanks! ✌️ 👙 👀

Clappy 👏 Tuesday from a couple delivery trucks

January 30, 2018

This post is not gonna have much to do with those two trucks delivering Domino’s 🍕 and Coca-Cola, staples of life. Fun fact: One of my dad’s first jobs was driving a Coke truck. 

Hey, you wanna talk sports? Who you rooting for in the Super Bowl? It’s hard to root for the Patriots because they always win but it’s equally as hard for Cowboys fans to root for the Eagles 🦅. So basically I don’t care. And I probably speak for many in Big D. If I were forced to choose a team, I guess I’d choose the dirty birds because their QB’s name is Nick. Nick > Tom. 

Shout out to Katie and David for throwing another Super Bowl party. And congrats AGAIN to Katie for winning the Fantasy Football league this year! I hope she used that cash to do something fun or buy something cool. 

And so ends this post. Short and sweet. Like Anna Kendrick. 

Thanks for reading my daily blog post. If you’ve read em all since I started that’s cool (and amazing) but if you haven’t you better go catch up so you won’t fail the test at the end of the month. 

Cheers! 🍻 

Ps. It’s unlikely there will be a test at the end of the month. I can’t even remember what I wrote yesterday. 🤷‍♂️

Crappy Monday from my expired midday pass

January 29th, 2018

This post might have a smidge to do with the bus pass that expired WHILE I WAS STILL RIDING but don’t worry, I didn’t get in trouble or anything. Then it really WOULD have been a “crappy” Monday. Butt it wasn’t. They didn’t come haul my ass off the bus when my pass expired. That’s WAY above any Dallas bus driver’s pay grade. 

In other news, I don’t like the fact that there’s not an automatic spell check in the Gmail app on my phone where I compose these blog posts. I’m a decent speller but I’ve come to rely on technology to make me a perfect one. Oh well. Speaking of which, if you’re not the best speller I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Only people with sticks up their buttocks will ever care and they can go F themselves. EVERY Monday is a crappy Monday for THEM! Haha. 

Oh that reminds me of why I tittled this post “crappy” instead of “happy” like I’ve been titling all the rest since I started this silly blogging every day nonsense. It’s because not EVERY day is a happy one. Some days are crappy and that’s just life. I say thank God or the Devil or whoever for the crappy days because it makes the happy days happier. 

But always remember. I’m Mr. Brightside. The Killers wrote that song about me. 😁😬🤗😎🤪

Happy Sunday from me and Little Big Town on the Grammy’s

January 28th, 2018

This post is not gonna have much to do with Little Big Town singing on the Grammy’s. 

But maybe it will. 

I like starting all my blog posts with saying they won’t have much to do with whatever random pic I decided to post. But then I don’t much like saying shit and then actually following through. Sometimes I prefer lying. Haha. 🤥

I don’t condone lying but if you always tell the truth you’re kinda amazing. Also you’re lying. Ha. 

Hey, we’re only human so time and again we may not tel the truth even when we THINK we are. Like I could tell someone I’m gonna meet em at noon for lunch and if I don’t make it until 12:01, then technically I lied. 

Right now I’d be lying if I told you I’m not gonna include the cutest pic of my niece in this post...
She’s saying “I might lie to you about somehing one day, Uncle Nick, but you’re still gonna love me.”

And she’s right! 😍😍😍

Happy Saturday from Emilia and her popsicle that matches her shirt

January 27th, 2018

This post won’t have much to do with my cute little 2-year old niece but she’s SO damn cute! I LOVE that look she’s giving me in the pic on the right. 

So I guess this makes 8 days in a row I’ve blogged. That’s not bad. Do you want me to keep going? It doesn’t matter much if you want me to or not but I thought I’d ask you anyway because your opinion matters. 

There’s a new Facebook algorithm that prioritizes posts that get more comments. So I guess I’ll start commenting on my own posts more. Haha. Every now and again I used to carry on full conversations with myself in the comments section. Made me chuckle. 

Hey, have a great Saturday, will ya? Maybe even have a steak 🥩! You deserve it!

Happy Friday from me and Dallas sports

January 26th, 2018

This post is not gonna have much to do with the dual support of our local Dallas sports going on close to American Airlines Center where they both play. 

So did you have a blast in the first month of 2018? I had a pretty good time myself. Not a “blast” like YOU, but I can’t complain either. Not that I would complain anyway even if January went terrible bc I’m not of that ilk. 

I read where Chuck Lorre is a complainer and makes no excuses for it. If you don’t know who Chuck Lorre is, he produces Big Bang Theory among other comedies and blogs on TV at the end of every show. Imagine millions of people reading your random thoughts on life every week. Kudos to him for having the balls to do that. 

You wouldn’t think that he would have all that much to complain about through, huh? On the other hand, there are a LOT of people in nice positions in life who complain about random shit. Hell, it’s probably part of how they got there. So I don’t let it bother me too much. A little, but I’m not gonna lose sleep over it. 

Okay, well THIS blog post, which will be read by significantly less humans than Mr. Lorre’s, is now over. Have a great weekend! And complain about everything if you want to, I don’t really care. Lol. 

Peace ✌️