Happy Sunday from my Aldi receipt

February 11, 2018

This post is not gonna have much to do with my Aldi receipt except to say I love it when the total comes to an even dollar amount. 

If you’re wondering what kind of cookies  I got they’re oatmeal raisin. Duh. 

Today is Bruno’s birthday! Happy Birthday, nephew! I have zero memory of when I turned 10 but I’m sure it was a good day because mom and dad always made our birthdays special. 

When it’s YOUR birthday I’ll give you an oatmeal cookie! Nice!

Happy Friday from the Coopster

February 9, 2018

This post is not gonna have much to do with the Coopster but what a great dog! His actual name is Cooper btw but it’s impossible for me to call any dog by its actual name. Idk why that is but it has something to do with that character on SNL that used to say “makin copieeees... Steeeeve... the Stevesterrrr...”

Speaking of SNL, that’s ANOTHER thing I love about you. Your love of comedy. What kinda life are these people having that are all serious all the time. Not much of one, I’ll tell you that. 

Did you know that psychiatrists prescribe “comedy” to help some of their patients. That’s a GREAT prescription and it’s free! That’s also why I’m NOT a psychiatrist because that’s ALL I’d ever prescribe. Drug companies would hate me. Lol. 

The only side effect I can think of to laughing is if you’re doing it too hard while you’re eating you might choke so just make sure you have a friend on hand to give you a heimlich if you bust a gut at dinner. 

Did you know the Heimlich maneuver is NOT named after somebody named Heimlich? That’s a lie. But Henry Heimlich didn’t intend for the maneuver to be named after him. It was just easier to say than “hurry, apply subdiaphragmatic pressure!” “Do what?!?” “Never mind, he’s dead.”


See ya tomorrow!

Happy Thursday from my hot butt!

February 8, 2018

This post is not gonna have a helluva a lot to do with my toasty rear end except to say that this is the FIRST time I can remember using a seat warmer in a car and of course it’s awesome! My ass is on fire!🔥 

You’re like “But how? Why? Why are your hind quarters hotter than July?!?”

Well, it’s because I got lucky at Avis yesterday. They always upgrade me because I’m a regular customer but not usually into a “Premium” class vehicle. But that was all they had yesterday so I got to drive a Lincoln MKX. It’s an extremely nice ride. I can see why Matthew McConaughey is so full of Matthew McConaughey when he drives Lincoln’s. (Btw, if you haven’t seen SNL’s Lincoln commercial spoofs you should google em 😂 😆)

One day I’ll buy you a Lincoln because you read my silly blog and because you love Matthew McConaughey so much. But not the MKX because that’s for soccer moms and you’re WAY cooler than any soccer mom. I’ll get you the MKZ Hybrid because it’s totally cool like you and it’s environmentally conscience like me. It’s a win/win!

Now go back to watching your Matthew McConaughey movie and I’ll work on procuring your sweet new ride. 🙌✌️

It’s still Wednesday in Cali

February 7, 2018

This post is not gonna have much to do with “Steve” drawn and painted by Cael and David DeBorde above. But it’s a fantastic piece of art if you ask me. 

I’m staying in Lewisville tonight with the wonderful and gracious DeBorde family because I have business to attend to in Denton tomorrow and it’s easier to get there from here than from downtown Dallas. 

When I got here late in the afternoon I was pretty hungry but instead of picking up something to eat I took a chance that there might be leftovers from the Super Bowl party I could chow down on and I hit the jackpot! DELICIOUS pullled pork. 😋 Man, did that hit the spot! I made a sandwich when I got here and then another one later, both generously topped with Sweet Baby Ray’s sauce. Heaven! Special thanks to David who smokes meat with the best of them. 

I hope you had a wonderful Wednesday and continue your smooth sailing on into Thursday, captain. Ahoy!

TGI Tuesday? Nobody says that

February 6, 2018

This post is not gonna have much to do with some random pic I saved on my laptop in 2009 that appears to be a Mars rover with the hash #WhatsItGonnaBe?

But I do wonder about why I saved that.

What it's going to be for ME today is writing a post using the Posthaven editor on my laptop instead of emailing it in from my phone like I normally do.. I prefer the phone because I can't really include emojis from the laptop.What ELSE it's going to be for me today is for me to know and for you to wonder about. Don't wonder too hard, though, because it's nothing too exciting.

I'm going out to Lewisville tomorrow. Maybe I'll share a pic of the lake. Then jump in it. :-D

Happy Monday from the gooses in the road

February 5th, 2018

This post may have a little to do with the gooses in the road. I’d call em geese but gooses is funnier. 

They think they OWN the road because they’re bigger than ducks, I guess. I was the passenger in this scenario or I surely would have run them all down. 😂😲😵 Dumb geese. 

I love ducks 🦆 though! 

See ya tomorrow, goose lover!

JIT Sunday from overly concernicus Nick

February 4th, 2018

This post is not gonna have much to do with the concerned face I’m making when in fact I’m not concerned about anything other than if you know what JIT means. 

It means “Just In Time” because I’ve only 9 more minutes in which to finish this post and post it, otherwise it would be a Monday post. And that would be cheating. 

Luckily I rarely go on about much in these posts so my chances of finishing in the next 7 minutes now is pretty good. I got this. 

Why I’m coming down to the wire today can be explained by nothing but laziness. I could blame the Super Bowl I guess but I won’t. 

Anyway, I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I only have 5 minutes now or we’d talk more about it. 

This week is gonna be a GREAT one! Enjoy it and we’ll talk again tomorrow. I have some exciting stuff to tell you about. Or not. 

But I’ll promise you this. Tomorrow’s pic won’t be nearly as scary as today’s. 😱

Happy Saturday from my mini Coke!

February 3, 2018

This post is not gonna have much to do with my favorite drink. 

It’s a pretty chill evening in the hood tonight. I’m lounging on the couch with Uncle Ted on my lap and Marie is in there making soft tacos 🌮 🌮 for dinner. YUM! I never thought I’d like tacos made with turkey 🦃 meat but she rarely uses any other kind so I’ve gotten used to them. She seasons em up really well. Plus I suppose it’s healthier butt I don’t really care too much about that. Lol. 

The TV is on the Be-Tween music channel. Not my fave but Marie likes it and she’s the one making dinner so it’s only fair she gets to listen to whatever she wants. 

Hey, guess what? Dinner is ready! Nice. Unfortunately Marie wants to watch Grey’s Anatomy while we eat, but again I’ll defer the remote to her since she made tacos. And who cares about what’s on the boob tube during gestation anyway, right?

Of course NOW I’m really into this episode of Grey’s, which contradicts my last statement, but if I can’t be a contrarian once in a while, what CAN I be? 

Ha. There’s a “can” emoji 🥫 (but this post still didn’t have much to do with the 🥫 of Coke I posted.) Ima go get another one to enjoy with my tacos. 

Peace! ✌️ 

Pretty Poop Friday from your BFF, Nick!

February 2, 2018

This post is not gonna have much to do with my Bitmoji offering you a “pretty” pile of poop in a sweater  I’d never buy. 

But I will say that although this Bitmoji makes me chuckle, I don’t know when or why I’d have an occasion to send it to someone in particular. So I sent it to everyone! 🤣

In a follow-up to yesterday’s post the NFL posted that whole Jeopardy clip of the contestants who got zero football category questions right. I’d include a link but that takes work so just go Google it to watch. It’s worth it because it’s pretty hilarious. Have I ever steered you wrong? If I haven’t, I meant to. Lol.

I’m hungry, borderline hangry, so I’m gonna go dig up something to eat. Have a GREAT Friday and go get into some trouble. 💣