On seeing a TV commercial for an app you maintain and the sweet ladies of Sweetwater, TX

While watching the Texas Country Reporter yesterday I saw a commercial for a program that I maintain the code for. That's cool. Almost even makes you want to make sure the code works. Lol. It's working as well as it has any year they've done this promotion. I can't go into details about it because I work BTS (behind the scenes) for this company. Haha. I do programming work BTS for a lot of companies. It's better that way since I'm kind of a nut. Companies prob would be a little wary of letting me work on their shit if they knew it was me. 

Anyway, while watching the show I saw a sweet story on some ladies in Sweetwater, TX that make beds for homeless people using plastic bags from the supermarket. The beds are soft and waterproof. Pretty ingenious. I love hearing about good works like that. God bless those old broads. 😬👍🙌🙏

On being a Facebook "reader", not a "writer"

So recently I've been more of a reader of Facebook than a contributor because I like balance in my life but in so doing I've found that while it's interesting to keep up with what people are up to there's a lack of insane and/or inane posts for my liking. 

To that end, I've decided to start being more of a contributor than a reader for the foreseeable future. 

Here's the fun part, though. The fun part is that when I get these cockamamie ideas at 3:30 in the morning there's no telling whether or not I'll actually follow through with them. 

So if you're a person in the "oh God, Nick is going to flood my timeline with bs" camp I apologize and feel free to unfollow or unfriend me but if you're a person in the "sweet, insane Nick is back!" camp you're welcome. 

Thanks for reading and have a great 23rd week of 2016 or whatever it is but I'm pretty sure it's around that number. 

My idea to fix all the bad shit

It seems that most (if not all) the bad shit that happens in the world is committed by people under the age of 50. So let's just wait a few weeks until I'm over 50 and then eliminate all those people. lol. So sorry if you're not around but it was for the good of all mankind. 

Remember that methed out hot girl?

Remember that hot girl who was wandering around kinda walk of shaming it but also methed out so I brought her home to Marie and MB was like "who's this girl?" and I was like "idk but she's kinda hot and apparently in trouble" and Marie was like "get this girl out of our house!" and I was like "but she's kinda hot". Lol. 

That didn't end well for anyone. 😂😂😂

Golden Corral "take-home box"

Scene at any Golden Corral buffet restaurant. 

White Trash Customer: "We're gonna need about 10 a those take-home boxes that "where's my sign" guy said we get on the T.V."

 Golden Corral employee: "Sorry, it's only one per customer."

White Trash Customer: "Yeah, we're gonna need about 10."

I'm the blog post Nick saved for a rainy day.


Boy, it's really raining out, huh.

That fact is good for ME because I'm the blog post Nick saved for a rainy day. I've just been hanging out waiting for a chance to grace the pages of Nick's blog and so today's the day. Nice!

Now that I'm here lemme tell you a little about what's been going on. Well, first off the weather has been pretty nice for awhile. Me and the other rainy day blog posts have just been hanging out talking about blog topics and other stuff while soaking up the sun. You should see our killer tans. 

One day we were all sitting around in the sun shooting the shit about what we were gonna talk about when we came out when we noticed some clouds. We got all excited and one of us even started panicking because she wasn't totally ready to come out yet. Luckily for her, the clouds dissipated and she had a little more time to gather her thoughts. The rest of us were sad, though, because we just wanna come out already. 

Anyway, I'm happy to be here and thanks for reading me! I've enjoyed chatting with you and let's not wait so long to catch up next time. Have a great rainy day and don't be a stranger!


The Buster Posey commercial made me laugh

Scene: Woman having baby. 

Buster Posey (catcher for the San Francisco Giants) "busts" into the room. (Don't pardon the pun.)

The expectant hottie is like "you're not my doctor". 

Buster taps his mitt and is like "Let's do this!"

Proud about-to-be-a-father is like "Buster Posey!" (all star-struck.)

Buster is like "C'mon, I'm kinda like your doctor. I have gloves."

Expectant hottie is like "No!"

Buster is like "Are we gonna do this or what?!?"

Hubby is like "Honey, you're embarrassing me in front of Buster Posey."

A quick story about influence you don't know you have..

Hi. How are you? 

Excellent! I knew you were doing well!

So I recently installed Windows 10 on a couple of machines. My installs went without issue which I was happy about. I assumed they'd go well and sometimes that's half the battle. In life, if you don't assume things are going to go your way then they won't. :-)

At the end of the install process, Microsoft asked me to report any issues and/or suggestions I may have to make the install process better.

I feel like most people (including myself) just skip over these types of inquiries unless there was some sort of major problem. As a society we love to bitch so obviously we're going to take time to do THAT if we run into trouble. But if the install went smoothly we'll generally just fly past that and go on about our day.

I decided to really think about if there was anything that I could tell them and there was one thing.

Before upgrading when I would reboot the OS would remember if I had my laptop's touch pad turned on or off. After upgrading it no longer remembered this setting, so each time I restarted I had to turn the touch pad off again (I prefer using a mouse.) It's a minor deal but it's a deal.

So I explained this to Microsoft not thinking they'd actually respond.

But guess what happened? Today I got a Windows Update that solved the problem.


So the lesson is that whether you believe you have influence in the world or not, you ultimately do. And when you exercise said influence you improve the entire world.

And that's pretty badass.

My putting a packet of Splenda into a bottle of Coke Zero one-time experiment..

So I bought some Coke Zeroes by accident for my roommate because I thought he liked them but I got him mixed up with another friend. So now I got a bunch of these Coke Zeroes and I don't like Coke Zero. They call it Coke ZERO for a reason. Because that's what its worth. Also because that's how much taste it has.

But I digress.

I decided to try an experiment in an attempt to somehow salvage these Coke Zeroes and turn them into maybe at least Coke Ones.

I thought maybe the reason they taste so disgusting is because they don't have sugar. So if you add sugar maybe that will help. 

But of course real sugar is not sweet enough so I opted for Splenda. 

What happened next was kind of exciting. I'm glad I was near a sink. When I dumped the Splenda packet into the Coke Zero it immediately fizzed up and out of the bottle. I don't know exactly how much of the drink fizzed out of the bottle but it was a decent amount.

But that's not the coolest part. Once it was done what was left was actually halfway drinkable. 

It's like all the bad taste fizzed out and left something closer to Coke 100 (or whatever regular Coke would be called if it were assigned a number. btw, the number they assigned to Coke Zero is spot on.)

Unfortunately even though the Splenda made the Coke Zero better it by no means got it close to regular Coke. 

So bottom line, I don't recommend trying this experiment yourself. A better solution is just giving your disgusting carbonated beverages you bought by accident and not really worth of the Coke name to someone who actually likes them and not judge that person for having extremely questionable taste in soda. Everybody is different.

Peace and happy drinking of whatever carbonated beverages you find delightful!

Shoot first, ask questions later. It's about taking action. Asking "how" and not "why" (#blog inspired by @andrew_forrest)

July 12, 2015
(inspired by @andrew_forrest, pastor @MungerPlace church, Dallas.)

Everyone has heard the old mantra "shoot first, ask questions later." It's funny but God forbid we're ever put in a real life situation where we're forced to make this choice.

If you don't take the saying literally, however, and more as a metaphor for a way to live life, it can serve you well. 

You see, in life we tend to ask too many questions when we should just be taking action. In other words, maybe we shouldn't be so concerned about why we should be doing certain things we know are good for us and/or society as a whole and more concerned about how we can go about doing them. 

It's good to be curious but at some point the questions have to stop and the action has to start. 

Sometimes parents use the generic answer "Because I said so" to an overly-curious child who won't stop asking why. It's a give up answer but at times the right one.

So why should you go out and do things you know in your heart are good for you and society as a whole?

Because I said so. :-)

Have a great week!