1 for the price of 2!

March 9, 2018

See that midday Dart Go Pass up there? It’s for the SAME day! 

But Nick. What would you buy TWO passes for the same day?!? 

Good question, Frederick. 

Remember when my iPhone was freaking out on me. Like last week? I couldn’t rely on it to be able to bring up my pass when I needed to show it to someone checking tickets so I bought the pass on my Samsung phone. 

Then when I was getting on the bus my Samsung phone died and wouldn’t come back. So I was forced to buy another ticket on my unreliable iPhone and just pray that A, it would let me buy the ticket and B, it would show the ticket. I got lucky and it worked. 

1 ticket for the price of 2! Lol. 

The lesson is to always carry a couple bucks so in a digital emergency you can revert back to the 20th century. 😃👍✌️🤷‍♂️
Nick Druga II

Daily blogs will continue

March 7, 2018

I've missed a few days blogging but it's only because my iphone is dying a slow death and I need to make a few more bucks before I can afford to upgrade.  It's frustrating because I have funny stories piling up.

In honor of the dog sitting ill be doing this weekend I leave you with this..

How To: Deck The Hall's With Bows Of Holly

Since we are nearing the Christmas season I think it's important to share something many people have always wanted to do but just don't know how to go about it.

So here is how to "Deck the Hall's with bows of Holly."

Step 1: Find your "Holly". 
Holly is the key ingredient in this venture because no family of Hall's can be decked without her. The art of the bow is crucial, obviously. 
Asian manservants make ideal "Holly's" as they are proficient in this art. 
Your Holly must have a bow that is respectful but also potentially dangerous. 
It is recommended that your Holly be trained as a ninja. 

Step 2: Find your "Hall's". 
This is the family you want your Holly to deck. 
Your "Hall's" don't *have* to have the last name "Hall" but some Holly's will only deck Hall's so you may have to stretch the truth with the Holly of your choosing. I once persuaded a Holly to deck Weinsteins with her bows but I'm not proud of it. For our purposes we'll assume you found Hall's.  
There can be any number of Hall's but you may use only one Holly to deck them all (see Holly ninja training in step 1.)

Step 3: Deck the Hall's. 
A properly decked family of Hall's will have a survivor count equal to zero. 
On occasion your chosen Holly may pay the ultimate price in her decking of the Hall's. Cherish the memory of her and her lethal bows. 

Remembering Amanda

March 3, 2018

It’s funny how life sometimes reminds you of people from your past on multiple occasions on the same day. 

I hadn’t thought about Amanda for some time until mom brought her up today on the phone and then two or three other things reminded me of her including this Jeopardy question. She resembles Kate Hudson in that movie. 

Now I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking “why are you watching recorded versions of Jeopardy on a Saturday night?” Idk man. But I gotta go. Let’s talk about it tomorrow. 
Nick Druga II

Another wet Wednesday

February 28, 2018

Peter Cottontail doesn’t give two carrot sticks about the wet Dallas weather lately because he gets to hang out in the dry aisles of Kroger all day. 

I asked him how his February went and he said “Beware the Ides of March!” He’s a strange rabbit. I think watching people shop for groceries all day is messing with his head. 

In any case, I’m advising everyone NOT to shop at the Citiplace Kroger on the Ides of March. 

Nick Druga II

Tricky Tuesday

February 27, 2018

I’ve been doing some good work lately. It’s easy to tell by this selfie. I look like a hard-working professional. 

Remember the other day when I said what you can’t see in the pic that day was the fact that I’m not wearing pants? Well guess who’s pantless again? 😂🙌

Actually I do have pants on at the moment, but not for long. I’m about ready to go to bed kinda early because I’ve had my butter pecan banana shake and what else do I want?!?

Goodnight Jules!

Nick Druga II

Sunday smiles

February 25, 2018

Yesterday was the first day since I started blogging on a daily basis that I missed a day. Sorry about that. I really have no excuse because it was a Saturday and it wasn’t like I was ridic busy or anything. 

1967 Nick up there NEVER missed a day when it came to pooping. 😂💩 I like to think he made his mommy smile a lot regardless of his uncontrollable bowels, though. 

It looks like I was a little chunky back then. So 2018 Nick has that in common with 1967 Nick. Lol. 

My iPhone has touchC disease. 😞 I have to upgrade now but I’ve been needing to do that anyway.

See ya tomorrow. 

Nick Druga II

Happy Patrick Day! The 5-0 club!

February 23, 2018

This post is not gonna have much to do with Patrick competing in the Olympics but it WILL have to do with him turning 50!  

Happy Birthday my friend!

You’re a gold medal 🥇 winner in skinny dipping, martini drinking and staring at lava lamps while sipping martinis naked. To THIS day I don’t know how you beat me in that last event but I couldn’t have lost to a more gracious (and naked) opponent. 

As a human who has been 50 for over a year I can tell you it’s all it’s cracked up to be!! Lol. I like that assessment because it says nothing. 

Have a GREAT birthday weekend! I love you in the gayest of ways!!!

Nick Druga II

Pee can Torte!

February 22,  2018

This post is gonna have everything to do with the 3 bags of my favorite coffee my good friend Lee gave me. 

He turned me onto the stuff a couple years ago and I was sad when I ran out. 

But my sadness didn’t last long because when I paid him a visit today he hooked me up! 

Thanks again, my friend! #coffeeislife
Nick Druga II