In the mind of Dez. A humorous take on the catch that wasn't.

Allow me to take you into the mind of Dez Bryant during that crucial catch that wasn't a catch. 

Even Dez himself may not know what he was thinking. But I do.

When he makes the catch he's thinking "Yes! I got it, now I'm gonna stretch for the end zone and score because scoring is what I do and if I don't score there's no guarantee that we'll score from the one yard line and we need a touchdown because a field goal does us no good!"

"But WAIT! If I stretch for the end zone I might lose the ball and they might not call it a good catch! I just remembered that possession rule!"

"But I'm already doing it now and I can't stop myself!"

"OH SHIT! The ball came out! It's just a fumble and the ground can't cause a fumble, but that possession rule. I better try to awkwardly gather it back in. Maybe it wasn't obvious!"

"YES! They called it a catch on the field!! I'm golden!! Even if they go review it and say it wasn't a catch maybe they won't overturn it because it has to be indisputable evidence!"

Call is overturned.

"Fuck. They overturned it. I think I'm gonna cry."

#blog The value of advance planning using the #Cowboys as an example.

In the NFL and a lot of sports they generally put an emphasis on "the next game" and try not to look ahead on the schedule.

While this is a good policy in regards to not overlooking an opponent it can be unadvisable from an overall strategic viewpoint at times.

This week's Cowboys game is a prime example.

They play Jacksonville who sucks. We should be able to beat Jacksonville with a third-string quarterback.

After Jacksonville there is a bye week and we don't play the Giants until Nov. 23rd.

The obvious long-term strategy is to NOT play Tony Romo vs. the Jaguars and let him get optimum rest and rehabilitation time before the Giants game. Hell, you might even go as far as to sit him THAT game as well and let him make his comeback against the Eagles on the 27th, a game that is shaping up to be a key matchup. Whoever wins that game will probably win the division.

So the bottom line is that while it's important to concentrate on the task at hand you always need to factor in the future to ensure that decisions you make NOW will have a positive impact down the road.

#blog I don't blog enough.

This might not be true anymore but it used to be that the number one topic bloggers blogged about was blogging. I always found that amusing. And that's exactly what I was gonna do in this post.

You see, I pay an outlandish 5 bucks a month to keep this blog site up and I rarely blog. It's not right because I'm a good writer. Hell, I've written TWO books. Neither of them were successful by any means but I still wrote em.

The bottom line is that I should blog at LEAST 5 times a month so I'll make that a new goal.

Thank you for reading, kind woman.

#BLOG post: #LTE vs #4G, Weird connectivity happenings with

Me and my computer are in a place today where there is no WIFI. In those times I use the personal hotspot on my phone to connect to the Internet. This generally works well. But today there was a problem. The connection speed all of the sudden went down to 80's dial-up Matthew Broderick in War Games speed. 

Obviously that's unacceptable. 

So I did all the usual things. Unplugged the phone and plugged it back in. Turned off the hotspot and turned it back on. Even powered OFF the phone (now that's desperate.) None of these actions improved the speed. At the top it said "LTE" with 3 bars which is not ideal, I'd like at LEAST 4 bars but 3 was working fine before. 

So then I went into settings and saw one for "Enable LTE". It says if you enable this it makes your data faster, but obviously this was not what I was experiencing. So I did the opposite. I disabled LTE. 

At that point the phone automatically switched to  4G and I got FOUR bars and the speed instantly improved. I was back online! PHEW! (I'm not a person that can tolerate being offline. Until I get reconnected life stops as I know it.)

When I got back online I did a little research and from what I can gather LTE and 4G are the same thing. NOW I was really confused. So I thought maybe it was just a glitch in timing so I switched back to LTE to see. Again with the 96-baud modem. So back to 4G. 

So the lesson is that if AT&T is your carrier and depending upon where you are in the world, LTE and 4G might be different.

We both learned something new today. Fun!

BLOG: Why the ice bucket challenge craze is the greatest thing to ever happen in history.

Because it is not only raising awareness for ALS but is raising awareness for charity in general.

My favorite is the person who rarely even THINKS about charity going out of his or her way to dis the ice bucket silliness. I would like to express my personal gratitude to these people because all they are REALLY doing is raising awareness for charitable giving. 

And you know what got them there? The ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE! 

PLEASE keep telling me what I SHOULD be donating to instead of ALS. I LOVE it!

#BLOG: Arizona

I haven't written a blog post in a minute.

I'm in Arizona. Vail to be specific. Vail is a city in Colorado but apparently they also have one on Arizona because I'm in it. It's a suburb of Tucson. Does anyone remember when I came to Arizona? I've been here a couple of weeks or so now and it's been a blast.

The funny thing is that I haven't really been out much. I came to visit friends but also just to kinda have a place to stay and work while I figure out where I'm gonna live next. Luckily my friends Drew and Cheryl are very easy-going people and don't mind having me around. I probably annoy Cheryl at times but she tolerates me because she knows I'm not staying forever. Lol.

Cheryl has a little dog named Bitsey that I've grown quite attached to. She sleeps with me every night. All I've ever wanted is a girlfriend to climb under the covers with me every night and I finally found that in Bitsey the dog. Hahahaha.

Bitsey is SO fun to play with, too! She does this thing where she brings you the ball and then spins around waiting for you to throw it. It's pretty much the cutest thing I've ever seen. Sometimes when I'm working she'll put the ball at my feet and spin around 20 times.

Oh and did I mention she makes noises like an Ewok? I'm going to miss her SO much when I have to leave but I'm not going to think about that right now because we still have a couple of weeks together. Bitsey is the best summer fling I've had in years! 

Here are some pics and a vid of the little diva herself..

Okay, goodbye for now from the desert. Hope you've enjoyed my grams while I've been here. The skies are incredibly beautiful. Stay tuned for more pics of gigantic cactus. 

Peace and love. ✌️

Nick's List of Things to Experience

I maintain a list of things I can't wait to experience with someone who shares the zest for life that I do.

One of those things just happened and I thought I'd share.

I was waiting for a VERY early train down in a Dallas train station called Cityplace Station. It's far underground. It's an anomaly since most everything in Dallas is above-ground.

It was very still and quiet before the train came. I was sitting pretty close to the tunnel from which the train would emerge any minute.

Then, before I even heard a sound I felt a small wind. The absolute calm was replaced by a cool breeze. Then more breeze, then the sound of the very fast-moving train as it made it's way towards the station.

In the tunnels the trains can go as fast as they want and I guess all that speed combined with the sheer size of the train creates a mighty wind.

There are moments in life that you never forget and that was one for me.

Have a great day! Maybe one day we can share a moment like that together.


Blog post. The brain. Repetitive pleasure. Aka, why you rewind.

When you're listening to something and you get distracted the tendency is to rewind because your brain tricks you into thinking you missed something. Unless said distraction actually drowned out what you were listening to the fact is you didn't miss anything. The real reason you're rewinding is because you DID miss something that interested you. Whatever you missed (which you didn't really miss) was something you want to hear again.

An interesting thing about the brain is the pleasure derived from hearing things over and over again. Music is an excellent example. Once the brain hears a song it likes radio is the only medium that can force it to listen to that song so much that it actually doesn't like it anymore. And even then, if it hears it years later, it will like it again.

#Blog post: Helping others and acts of kindness as a cure for depression? #C2C #FF @capacity2care

As a person who has suffered from bouts of depression in my life, I know what it's like to feel "down" for no reason. It's actually kind of annoying when this feeling takes over because many times you don't even know why you feel the way you feel.

There are many ways people with this "disease" I guess I'll call it learn to cope. Society provides MANY forms of escape from drinking to drugs to sex to gambling (my vice) to entertainment in all it's different variations. There are literally thousands of diversions.

I don't think choosing a diversion to help you overcome feelings you don't understand is necessarily a bad thing if said diversion isn't really causing harm to your well-being or the people around you.

As a matter of fact, I've personally found that doing the opposite of harming others or yourself provides the best sort of relief. Occupying your mind and time with HELPING others actually ends up helping YOU feel better in the end. Like you've done something worthwhile. Which you have!

So if you also suffer from feeling sad, lonely, depressed, anxious, just not right, or whatever at times possibly think about someone other than yourself and how they might need your help. How I do it is by surfing the web for sites like or Voly.Org, etc. Believe me, once you start the search for people looking for help, it's not hard to find them.

Even just starting to think about helping others can stop the anxiety and give you a sense of calm.  

Anyway, try it and lemme know if it works for you too. I bet it will!

Peace to you. :-)

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