Battling insomnia or maybe not.

Tuesday, June 26th, 2018

4:25 am

Good morning! I’m suffering from a bit of insomnia. So I figured I’d write through it. Plus I haven’t written a blog entry in a minute so I may as well get my 5 bucks worth this month. 

By my 5 bucks worth I mean this blog costs me $5/month to maintain. It’s a ridiculously small price to pay for what you get and if I were a consistent blogger it would be well worth it but I’m not. 

I could say that I deliver quality over quantity but that’s not really true either, is it? Ha ha. I’m being hard on myself but it’s okay. Nobody is all that hard on me other than me. 

So far this particular blog post has a quality quotient of zero. But it doesn’t matter because as I wrote earlier, I’m just doing this to work through this insomnia. 

Actually, I wouldn’t even call being awake right now when 95 percent of America is asleep insomnia, it’s just going to bed relatively early, then being rudely awoken. I got a good amount of sleep before that happened. 

So it’s not like I couldn’t go to sleep when I wanted to go to sleep, which I think 🤔 is the true definition of insomnia. I just can’t go *back^ to sleep. 

So then why can’t I go back to sleep? You wanna explore that? No? Neither do I. 

Let’s change the subject to food because I love food. My friend Jenna jokes that I will eat anything anyone puts in front of me and while that’s not entirely true, it’s becoming more and more so the older I get it seems. 

Last night I cooked for the first time in a while and I have Emily to thank for that. Emily is inspiring me to do many things I haven’t done in some time but really enjoy. It’s funny how some people have an innate way of reminding you of little things you love in life without even knowing they’re doing that. Emily probably has no idea how positively she’s affected my life in the short time I’ve known her but she has. I was a happy pretty content dude *before* she came along but now it’s even moreso. 

I could go on for days about Emily but she’s already embarrassed by that last paragraph so I’ll move on. (By the way, I have no idea how Emily really feels about that last paragraph and that’s part of why she intrigues me so.)

Anyway I got off on girl tangents when I was gonna talk about food. I guess it’s pretty easy to see what’s on my mind most of the time. Women and food. 

You’re like “would you just tell us what you cooked already?!?” Okay okay! I cooked “Zesty Taco Tilapia.” Which would be WAY impressive if I started with just plain tilapia and “zesty taco’d” it up myself but I didn’t. I bought the tilapia already seasoned. Haha. Yes, I cheated but I STILL had to put it in the oven on broil for 4-6 minutes. And truth be told it came out “blackened”, let’s say, but it was STILL damn delicious! And for $4 and some change a GREAT deal too!

Now that I’ve dipped my feet in the cooking pool again I’m actually excited about cooking something else tonight. I may even make a salad to go with it this time! 

Ah oh. Now I’m getting hungry again which does not surprise Jenna in the least. 

Have a great week and don’t starve!


Nick Druga II

Probation Story - Episode 3: The waiting is the hardest part.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Catch up below:

So I’m out on bail and have to go see the bail bondsman who’s going to let me know what happens next. 

He informs me that the Denton crime lab (where they test to make sure what I had on me was actually an illegal narcotic) is HELLA backed up and I probably won’t have to go to court for at least 6 months. In the meantime I have to check in with them on a weekly basis since they have a vested interest in me showing up to court when that day comes. 

They tell me I have to call in every Tuesday or use this app I can download to electronically check in. I liked the idea of using an app because I’m a geek. So I downloaded it and it worked exactly zero times. I tried using it 4 or 5 weeks and finally gave up on it ever working. What it DID do was save my court dates so at least it was useful for that when I finally got a court date. 

While I was waiting for what turned out to be almost 7 months I was nervous the WHOLE time wondering what was going to happen. The minimum penalty for possession of less than a gram of a type A narcotic is 6 months in jail! Was I gonna have to go to jail?!? 

I was worried so I did some EXTENSIVE research (which wasn’t easy) and FINALLY found somewhere on the web that there was a law enacted some time ago in Texas that says all first-time drug offenders HAVE to get probation. Aka NO jail time. Hooray!! Btw, it’s so jails aren’t overcrowded which makes sense. So that came as a bit of a relief. I didn’t want to be somebody’s bitch in the slammer, man!

So along comes my first court date. Tune in to episode 4 where we see how Nick does in court. 
Nick Druga II

Probation Story - Episode 2: Pops bails me out.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Catch up below:

Bail is normally $5,000 for possession of cocaine but the traveling judge was a little lenient due to the circumstances, which she decided were not that bad, and set it at $3500. 

To get out I had to call a bail bondsman and pay him 10% or $350. I called him and then I called dad to come get me. 

I don’t have the MOST understanding father in the world but I don’t have the least understanding one either. 

When he got to the jail he said “Son, you had COCAINE on you?!?” kinda flabbergasted. I was like “sorry, dad, it’s not the end of the world.” 

After they let me out of the hoosegow I took an Uber to my friend Katie’s 8-year old child’s birthday. Many at the party were quite amused that I spent the previous night in jail. One girl even said that in 8 years in the Navy she had never heard a crazier story. Lol. 

Katie herself was probably the LEAST amused by the whole thing because my father called her earlier in the day asking if SHE was the one that furnished me the drugs. She could NOT have been more innocent. Needless to say I apologized for my father’s inappropriate accusations and explained that he was just disappointed in me and wanted someone to blame. 

I could tell dad who’s to blame but that’s more dangerous than serving jail time so nobody will EVER know that. Besides the fact that the D.E.A. is not interested in the small-timer I got my coke from. Hell, they’re not even interested in whoever he or she got it from. You have to know names of people high up the chain to raise their eyebrows and my measly 20-sack is interesting to no one. Except me that night when I was three sheets to the wind. Lol. 

Stay tuned for Episode 3 where we see how long it takes before I have to face the judge. 

Nick Druga II

Probation story, Episode 1: What had happened was...

Thursday, March 28, 2018

Read the Probation Story Prelude to get caught up....

... are you caught up?... okay, so here's what had happened...

My friend Katie invited me to a happy hour at a place called Rock & Brews on a Friday in late February, 2017. I was staying at my sister’s house in Plano at the time which is close to that restaurant so I thought it would be good times to meet Katie and her group over there. 

Earlier that week I scored some blow downtown. I did most of it when I got it but still had about half a small bag left. I started to leave it at my apartment downtown but I didn’t. I buried it in my wallet and forgot about it. 

As you can see from the top tab above I had a few drinks at happy hour. But then as quick as it began it was over. As the group started to disperse, I had a good buzz going and wasn't ready to go home just yet. Katie offered to take me back to her place at that time, which hindsight being 20/20 would have been a GREAT idea. But I liked the vibe at Rock & Brews and decided I'd rather stay there a while longer.

I went outside to get some air and noticed a Mi Cocina across the street. I thought to myself "Oh, man, a Mambo Taxi sounds perfect right about now!"  So I went across the street and had a few more drinks. It was the few more at Mi Cocina that did me in. If you’ve ever had a Mambo Taxi from Mi Cocina you know they’re VERY strong. They call it a Mambo Taxi because you have to call a taxi after you have one. I had 2 Mambo Taxis, four beers AND a shot. And that was AFTER drinking at Rock & Brews. Needless to say, I was hammered. 

But I didn’t stop there. I stumbled back over to Rock & Brews where I started and watched a band play for a while. And that's when I remembered I had coke in my wallet. So I went to the bathroom and did a little bump thinking it would help me off my drunk a little. It didn’t. I was too far gone on tequila.

Finally it was nearing closing time so I went outside to get an Uber home but I was so drunk I apparently climbed in the passengers side of some random guy’s truck. I have zero memory of this. The guy called 911 not because I got in his truck, but because he was afraid for my safety. Hell, I can’t blame him. 

The cops came and long story short, I got to spend a night at the greybar hotel on an initial public intoxication charge. By the by, the Colony has a nice jail if you have to go. 

When we got to jail they told me I need to tell them if I have anything on me because if I take it into the jail the penalty is worse. So I fessed up and told the officer I had drugs in my wallet. 

And bing, bang, bong, I’m a felon. 

Tune in again next time when Nick calls his dad to bail him out. 

Nick Druga II

Did you know I’m a felon? My probation story - PRELUDE.

Wednesday, March 29, 2018

On March 9th I began serving 2 years probation for being caught with a small amount of the big drug (aka Cocaine) on my person in February, 2017. The charge was possession of a controlled substance less than 1 gram. In Texas it’s a State Jail Felony with a minimum 6 months in jail and a max $5000 fine. The judge gave me deferred adjudication with 2 years probation and A $500 fine. 

So if I’m good for 2 years I can have this removed from my record and I’ll no longer be a felon. But you and I both know I’m still bad. Haha. 

I haven’t done an excessive amount of blow in my life and I hesitate to put it out there that I’ve ever done it at all but it’s a matter of public record and the whole process makes for an interesting story so I wanted to share. 

Also if you google to try to find out ahead of time what you’re in for in terms of court processes, probation, jail time, etc. for this particular crime there are VERY few people writing about it. 

I don’t blame them because we all have reputations we want to maintain but I’m 52 years old in May. My rep isn’t going anywhere north of south and I work for myself so sharing my probation story isn’t going to hurt me I figure. It may give a woman or two pause to date me but once again, I’m 52 years old. To say I’m not aggressively hunting a spouse is an understatement. 

So now that I’ve got you intrigued, I’ll do like they used to do TV shows and say “To be continued...” because one of the things that’s fun about my blog is that you don’t have to spend too much time reading every post. 

Tune in tomorrow for Episode 1 of “NickSilly’s Probation Story”. 

✌️ and ❤️ 
Nick Druga II

El Fenix is 100! 🌮 🌯 🌶

I was driving by the downtown Dallas eye sore that’s El Fenix restaurant this morning and noticed it said “EST. 1918”. 

I’m not good at math but that’s 100 years! Nice! I did some further research (mainly just to see if I could get free and/or cheap food for their birthday) and discovered that the dude that founded El Fenix was also the dude that invented Tex-Mex. Arriba!

Happy 100th to El Fenix and Tex-Mex! I’m sure I’ll enjoy you both many more times before I kick it. 

Viva Enchiladas y Chimichangas!
Nick Druga II

Fezzik was tough!

Sunday, March 25, 2018

I love the Words With Friends 2 game theme series they have now where you work your way through themed computer opponents. 

Right now it’s “The Princess Bride” theme. I beat The Dread Pirate Roberts, Valerie, Vizzini, Miracle Max, Count Rugen, and Inigo Montoya all in a row until Fezzik finally got me. 

Took 3 times but I finally beat him using the words “sex” and “hoed”. Lol. 🤗

“Hello! My name is Nico Montoya. You kill my mojo. Prepare to die.”

Nick Druga II

The longest St. Patrick’s Day in the history of St. Patrick’s Days

Monday, March 19, 2018

You wanna hear about my St. Patrick’s Day? It was the LONGEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!

I woke up at 7 am. Showered and was out the door at 8. I thought it would be fun to walk up to where my friends would be watching the parade. It didn’t seem like that far but it’s 5.5 miles. 😧🤷‍♂️

It took an hour and 40 minutes but it wasn’t THAT bad because there was a lot to amuse me along the way down Greenville Avenue as people got ready for one of the biggest parades in the U.S. 

I’m STILL over an hour early for the parade, so I chat with the one guy I know who got there earlier than me and basically just hang out and greet other friends from my group as they start arriving. 

Finally the parade starts around 11. It’s good times and ends around 1. I accumulate 5 or 6 strands of beads, a beer coosie I don’t need, and one lollipop that hits me just above my right eye. 

I have a different group of friends I wanna go see that are having an after parade party at a place down south. It’s another pretty long walk but again I didn’t think THAT long. It was another 4 miles and THIS time I brought along my friend Patrick. He was a sport about it and didn’t complain NEARLY as much as he should have about this arduous trek. 

We FINALLY get down to where I think my other group of friends are and lo and behold, they’ve changed where they usually hang out. OMG! PLEASE do not tell me we walked all that way for nothing. But we did. 

Exhausted we just decided to find a small place to eat but more importantly just get OFF our feet for a minute. Btw, the place we found is called the Feed Store and they have AWESOME food. At least I THINK that’s what it was callled because I was pretty delirious at that point. 

Later my BFF Marie and Patrick’s girlfriend joined us there. We were there from about 2-4 or so. That good time made up a little for the long walk for nothing but if you think the story ends there, you’re sadly mistaken my friend. 

I’m pretty worn out and don’t live too far from there so we all agree it’s about time for old Nick to get back to the house. Well at least that’s what ole Nick wanted. 

But sometimes in life you don’t always get what you want. 

You see, on our home, Marie remembered that there was a place right on the way serving FREE crawfish for St. Pat's! “WE HAVE TO STOP!!” she demanded. I wasn’t as excited about stopping but I was overruled. 

So now we were at a crawfish boil for a couple MORE hours of fun!  I DID enjoy the corn and crawdaddies. During this event it started raining which didn’t surprise me in the LEAST! Luckily the patio was covered. Thank you, St. Peter! St. Peter was looking out for his brother. 

Marie finally had all the crawfish and comraderie she could handle and it was time to go home?

Oh wouldn’t you like that, Captain Cantgoanyfurther?!?!

No, no. The first people you met to watch the parade with initially are having an after after party. You HAVE TO GO!!! (Or so I was told.)

Hey, I’m a lot of things but I’m NOT a quitter so let’s DO THIS! 

But first a pit stop at Patrick and Anne’s place to “freshen up”. I took the opportunity to sit in Patrick’s lounger in a comotose state. 

Sunburnt and barely alive I’m poured into Patrick’s car and we’re off to the party. We get there around 8:30. 

At midnight I can go no further and find a cozy corner of the basement theatre and a blanket and FINALLY the longest St. Patrick’s day in recorded history comes to a “relatively” peaceful end. 🤪☘️👍😴😴😴

I cannot WAIT to do it all again next year!!!
Nick Druga II

Doesn’t matter, Frogs win.

Wednesday, March 14, 2014

The winner of this game will play my alma malenter, TCU, in the first round of #MarchMadness. 

My Horny Frogs 🐸 will beat either one of these losers Friday night but if I HAVE to chose one, I’ll take “The Cuse” because I like that people call them “The Cuse”.

On the other hand ASU are the “Sun Devils”. And that logo is pretty outstanding. Especially if you compare it to “The Cuse” whose logo is just a big S and whose team name is the “Orangemen”. Lol. A Clockwork Orangemen. 


Nick Druga II