August thoughts and musings (a rare blog post)

August 8th, 2020

The last time I blogged was February BEFORE the "China Virus" (as the president likes to call it.) Makes me chuckle every time he calls it that. He's a guy that likes to place blame. Taking blame, however? Well, that's a different story.

Anyway. Enough about the leader of the free world. This is MY space. Let's talk about ME! 



Now I forgot what it was I was gonna say about myself. I blame Trump. lol. He won't take the blame for THAT either.

Okay, wait, I thought of something..

Did you know I'm the absolute worst catch a woman could ever ask for? 

This realization came to me recently when I was dumped by a woman whose ex-husband beat and almost killed her. He actually went to prison for it. But even with that in her past, she decided I wasn't good enough for her.

So apparently I'm less desirable than a man who went to prison for attempting to murder his own wife (with whom he had two children which makes it even more atrocious.)

Now obviously this woman has deep-seeded emotional issues and an extremely cold heart as a result of her abusive past, which started with parents who abandoned her at an early age, but I actually thought maybe I could break through all that and show her a person that truly cares about her and her children. Not so much.

After two years of trying to warm her cold heart and thinking I was doing pretty well, she found another man who she decided was better for the job. It was VERY disappointing to say the least because I fell in love with her AND her two boys. I gave her space while she cared for her ailing father in his last days, but after he died I thought we could finally forge a future together. She never led me to believe this wasn't something she didn't want either. Until it wasn't.

It turns out the storybook ending of turning a woman incapable of loving and trusting anyone into one who can love and trust people was all a fantasy and too good to be true. 

Or was it?

You know, now that I get that all down on a page, I just had an epiphany. I'm wondering if I didn't accomplish something after all?

It's clear I'm not going to be the man for her. But maybe she doesn't even try to find another man if I don't come along to show her that men like me exist. Men that care. Even better men. Because believe me, I'm not perfect. I have vices as evidenced by her telling me to get my shit together at the end when I was more than a little sad about her decision.

As a mature adult (albeit with no shit together) and because I really have no other choice, I will take the high road and pray she lives happily ever after with her new beau. It's easier to do this knowing that maybe I actually did warm her cold heart at least enough for her to place trust in someone else. That's not a complete waste, right? Plus it's a good way of justifying that I didn't waste two years of my life.

Good talk, Rusty.

Have a great rest of 2020 and I hope you don't die from the "China Virus". Chuckle.

Men of God (A Sunday story)

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Last Friday night dad (Aka Johnny Diamond) had a gig at a baptist church where I performed my usual roadie duties for the band. I’m not much for church but I really enjoyed Pastor Donny, who led the proceedings. 

Mom also came along and joked that even though I don’t attend church much I was getting a service in this week.

It was a joke but it turned out to be true at the very end as we were packing up and I had a cool conversation with Pastor Donny. 

I overheard him taking to some band members about one of the church-goers who was at the gig and just retired from being CEO of a mult-billion dollar international conglomerate. 

So when I saw him coming I jokingly said “You mean to tell me that these CEO’s of huge companies are men of God?”

He said “How do you think they got there?”

I said “Well, I just think they must struggle because of the hard decisions they constantly have to make. They must have to do a lot of praying.”

He said “It’s not about having to do something you don’t want to do, it’s about HOW you go about doing it. If you have to fire someone you can tell them to get their ass out, we don’t need you anymore or you can tell them that they’ve done a great job and we’ve just decided to go in a different direction.”

Cool insight from a cool pastor. And with that...

Here ends the lesson. Glory be to God. Amen.

Have a great week! ✌️ 

Nick Druga II


February 4th, 2020

Who’s excited about my Book About Nothing 3? 

Well stop being excited because there’s zero chance I’m writing that.

The reason is because of the success of the first two books about nothing. 

In this case the third time is definitely NOT the charm. 

What I may decide to work on is a book about something, though. I feel like a book about something may be better received than books about nothing. 

But what something? 

A book about how to lose money in Vegas? I’m not sure anyone would be interested in reading that. 

A book about how to babysit drunks? Again, I’m not sure that’s a bestseller but at least there might be a few people interested. 

A book about how to skate along in life without having to ever really be responsible for anything or anyone? Now THAT’S a bestseller. 

Which leads me to a quandary. How do I even START a book that teaches you how to never be responsible if it requires me to be responsible enough to finish a book. It’s a catch-22. 

What I need is a collaborator. Along with this other person we will write a book that may be entirely different than the books I’m thinking about but will at least be about something. Maybe even something people want to read. 

Now that would be pretty cool. 
Nick Druga II

Morning people

Tuesday, Sep. 23, 2019 - 5:00 am

Are you a morning person? I became a morning person later in life. But I’m also still a night person. I’m an “anytime” person I guess. I dig the morning but when the morning goes away I’m not too sad about it. When the morning goes away it’s time for the day. 

The day has its merits. 

The day is not my favorite because of people. Homo sapiens are generally as active as they get during the day. So that means you’re probably gonna have to deal with them if you’re also a person. There are very few people I like to deal with. This is a quandary when you’re a person, but...

I always make it through the day dealing with other humans until the night eventually comes. 

Nights are fun. Shit goes down at night. Nights are so fun I don’t usually want them to end. But they always do. You know what they turn into? The morning. 

If you haven’t been to sleep when the night turns into the morning you might be in for a rough day. On the other hand, you can just sleep during the day and avoid all the people. I do that occasionally. 

As I write this blog post it’s morning. VERY early in the morning. But even as early as it is I know more than one girl who’s already up and doing her thing. These are my favorite chicks. What’s her name that owns Bonnie Ruth’s is probably up. Oh man. Now that’s a boss babe right there. You would think if I like her so much I could remember her name but you give me too much credit. She’s hella sweet, though. She was one of those “love at first site” girls. Like Stacy. Amanda. Zina. Amy. Jill. Bo Derek. Lol. I “love” a lotta girls. 

But I digress. So while I’m digressing allow me to digress further into Emily. 

Emily is probably up. Ima go Snapchat her. She won’t respond right away and maybe not at all and that’s why I love her so much. Emily Elizabeth. Is that a great name or what? I love it became I can call her Em, Liz, Beth, Lizzy, Mil... they all fit her because she’s a gorgeous mix and not a mix at all.  

Have a great morning, day and night! Peace ✌️ 

Nick Druga II

Blog post test, test post blog, post blog test, post test blog, blog test post, test blog post

This is a test of the emergency blog post system. This is only a test. In the event of a real emergency, you would have been asked to take down your pants.

My name, web site, and phone number won't be on this post like it is on a lot of blog posts because I'm writing this one from my laptop, where it's easier to see my "email signature" (and delete it) than it is when I'm writing from my phone, which is where I do most of my blog posting.

Sorry I wasted your precious time again, but I just needed to make sure my blog host is doing it's job where auto-posting from social media accounts is concerned. Have a great day!

Ben Franklin Quote Analysis

Wednesday, Sep. 12, 2018

Benjamin Franklin gets credit for the quote “If you fail to plan, then you’re planning to fail.” 

Cute word play but it’s really a dumb statement if you think about it because who “plans to fail”?

It’s entirely more accurate to say “If you fail to plan, then your lack of planning may complicate your life a little more than if you had allocated some time to plan out what you were gonna do beforehand.”

This, however, is not very quotable. 

So instead we say “you’re planning to fail.”  I’m not sure why anyone would specifically plan to fail but I AM sure that said failure is probably not the direct result of not planning. 

“Bad” planning, maybe. 

Like if you make a plan to ride out a hurricane, for example, then you are definitely “planning to fail.” But this terrible plan is not a “failure to plan.” It’s just a questionable plan. 

Today I’m planning on moving a web site from one server to another. A solid plan considering the current server where the web site resides is older than dirt. 

This plan could go south on me if I don’t execute it properly so this is a case where I’m NOT failing to plan but I STILL have the potential to fail. I probably won’t because I’m good at my job but there you go. 

My hope is that any and all plans YOU make today and in the future work out swimmingly. But if you “fail to plan” just don’t “plan to fail”. Because that’s just dumb. Lol. 

Have a great day, Benjamin Franklin!


Nick Druga II

Battling insomnia or maybe not.

Tuesday, June 26th, 2018

4:25 am

Good morning! I’m suffering from a bit of insomnia. So I figured I’d write through it. Plus I haven’t written a blog entry in a minute so I may as well get my 5 bucks worth this month. 

By my 5 bucks worth I mean this blog costs me $5/month to maintain. It’s a ridiculously small price to pay for what you get and if I were a consistent blogger it would be well worth it but I’m not. 

I could say that I deliver quality over quantity but that’s not really true either, is it? Ha ha. I’m being hard on myself but it’s okay. Nobody is all that hard on me other than me. 

So far this particular blog post has a quality quotient of zero. But it doesn’t matter because as I wrote earlier, I’m just doing this to work through this insomnia. 

Actually, I wouldn’t even call being awake right now when 95 percent of America is asleep insomnia, it’s just going to bed relatively early, then being rudely awoken. I got a good amount of sleep before that happened. 

So it’s not like I couldn’t go to sleep when I wanted to go to sleep, which I think 🤔 is the true definition of insomnia. I just can’t go *back^ to sleep. 

So then why can’t I go back to sleep? You wanna explore that? No? Neither do I. 

Let’s change the subject to food because I love food. My friend Jenna jokes that I will eat anything anyone puts in front of me and while that’s not entirely true, it’s becoming more and more so the older I get it seems. 

Last night I cooked for the first time in a while and I have Emily to thank for that. Emily is inspiring me to do many things I haven’t done in some time but really enjoy. It’s funny how some people have an innate way of reminding you of little things you love in life without even knowing they’re doing that. Emily probably has no idea how positively she’s affected my life in the short time I’ve known her but she has. I was a happy pretty content dude *before* she came along but now it’s even moreso. 

I could go on for days about Emily but she’s already embarrassed by that last paragraph so I’ll move on. (By the way, I have no idea how Emily really feels about that last paragraph and that’s part of why she intrigues me so.)

Anyway I got off on girl tangents when I was gonna talk about food. I guess it’s pretty easy to see what’s on my mind most of the time. Women and food. 

You’re like “would you just tell us what you cooked already?!?” Okay okay! I cooked “Zesty Taco Tilapia.” Which would be WAY impressive if I started with just plain tilapia and “zesty taco’d” it up myself but I didn’t. I bought the tilapia already seasoned. Haha. Yes, I cheated but I STILL had to put it in the oven on broil for 4-6 minutes. And truth be told it came out “blackened”, let’s say, but it was STILL damn delicious! And for $4 and some change a GREAT deal too!

Now that I’ve dipped my feet in the cooking pool again I’m actually excited about cooking something else tonight. I may even make a salad to go with it this time! 

Ah oh. Now I’m getting hungry again which does not surprise Jenna in the least. 

Have a great week and don’t starve!


Nick Druga II

Probation Story - Episode 3: The waiting is the hardest part.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Catch up below:

So I’m out on bail and have to go see the bail bondsman who’s going to let me know what happens next. 

He informs me that the Denton crime lab (where they test to make sure what I had on me was actually an illegal narcotic) is HELLA backed up and I probably won’t have to go to court for at least 6 months. In the meantime I have to check in with them on a weekly basis since they have a vested interest in me showing up to court when that day comes. 

They tell me I have to call in every Tuesday or use this app I can download to electronically check in. I liked the idea of using an app because I’m a geek. So I downloaded it and it worked exactly zero times. I tried using it 4 or 5 weeks and finally gave up on it ever working. What it DID do was save my court dates so at least it was useful for that when I finally got a court date. 

While I was waiting for what turned out to be almost 7 months I was nervous the WHOLE time wondering what was going to happen. The minimum penalty for possession of less than a gram of a type A narcotic is 6 months in jail! Was I gonna have to go to jail?!? 

I was worried so I did some EXTENSIVE research (which wasn’t easy) and FINALLY found somewhere on the web that there was a law enacted some time ago in Texas that says all first-time drug offenders HAVE to get probation. Aka NO jail time. Hooray!! Btw, it’s so jails aren’t overcrowded which makes sense. So that came as a bit of a relief. I didn’t want to be somebody’s bitch in the slammer, man!

So along comes my first court date. Tune in to episode 4 where we see how Nick does in court. 
Nick Druga II

Probation Story - Episode 2: Pops bails me out.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Catch up below:

Bail is normally $5,000 for possession of cocaine but the traveling judge was a little lenient due to the circumstances, which she decided were not that bad, and set it at $3500. 

To get out I had to call a bail bondsman and pay him 10% or $350. I called him and then I called dad to come get me. 

I don’t have the MOST understanding father in the world but I don’t have the least understanding one either. 

When he got to the jail he said “Son, you had COCAINE on you?!?” kinda flabbergasted. I was like “sorry, dad, it’s not the end of the world.” 

After they let me out of the hoosegow I took an Uber to my friend Katie’s 8-year old child’s birthday. Many at the party were quite amused that I spent the previous night in jail. One girl even said that in 8 years in the Navy she had never heard a crazier story. Lol. 

Katie herself was probably the LEAST amused by the whole thing because my father called her earlier in the day asking if SHE was the one that furnished me the drugs. She could NOT have been more innocent. Needless to say I apologized for my father’s inappropriate accusations and explained that he was just disappointed in me and wanted someone to blame. 

I could tell dad who’s to blame but that’s more dangerous than serving jail time so nobody will EVER know that. Besides the fact that the D.E.A. is not interested in the small-timer I got my coke from. Hell, they’re not even interested in whoever he or she got it from. You have to know names of people high up the chain to raise their eyebrows and my measly 20-sack is interesting to no one. Except me that night when I was three sheets to the wind. Lol. 

Stay tuned for Episode 3 where we see how long it takes before I have to face the judge. 

Nick Druga II